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    Can anyone halp to clean this photo for me. Kldon is 6 and has an inopperable rain tumor. Hes getting kemo treatments. Tere was a poker run last Saturday that raised close to $5000! Im hoping to get a good printable photo to give to the familyas well as the stops, sponsors, donors as well as collection buckets at the mentioned. Thanks for any help you can provide. I dont have any good software to do so...yet.
    Thanks for your time and interest. Feel free to email me or PM here.
    Drew at CBN.
  2. Tim White

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    You'll need to make the original available for any decent edits, not to mention printing. This was captured with a D200? Is it a crop?
  3. Drew,
    It looks like this was converted to JPG at a huge compression ratio. Like Tim said we'll need something better to begin with.

  4. Hello all, thanks for trying. im getting some help from a local camera shop.