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Help! Undersaturated!

Discussion in 'Printers, Monitors, and Color Management' started by Neeper, May 2, 2007.

  1. How come when I upload photos jpgs on the net, I lose a lot of saturation? In PS it looks great. When I save, upload it and view it from my browser there a lot less color. Do I need to calibrate my screen?
  2. When it's for WEB use, try saving your *.JPG images in sRGB ! That makes a hell of a difference :smile: !

  3. I have the exact same problem (which is a brand new problem for me ever since I switched to a Mac). In Aperture, my export settings are jpegs in "sRGB Profile."

    The pinks/reds in this flower on my monitor in Aperture for instance is much deeper than this web shot:

    I have been scouring this forum, reading every Iliah post I can find. I find the concepts in color management utterly elusive. I wish I had a clue.

    With my windows pc and Qimage, I never had a problem doing everything in sRGB. Always matched!

    With my Mac, all my prints look like, well, poop.

    I have Aperture, CS3, and a cheap Epson R220 (that printed on my windows pc like a printer that cost a million bucks). I calibrate using a Gretag Eye One Display 2. I have a canned Epson printer profile that always worked on my windows pc. I turn off color management in the printer driver. I follow the steps but my prints still look like poop.

    Any suggestions? (I read Iliah's sticky on soft-proofing and it is a bit over my head. As is most of this stuff.)

    Someone could get rich if they could come up with some sort of magic bullet for this, huh?
  4. Keis


    Jan 13, 2006
    Fort Collin, CO
    This may help. The sRGB is the most restrictive color gamut or space so it fits any printer, screen, or web site. So if you process and shoot images in sRGB and print and publish like most people do everything works fine.

    Some folks like me are buying printers that can produce colors beyond what a CRT/LCD can produce. New pigments ink are cool. So we go to Adobe RGB. THis has more colors and more intense colors.....But if I gave you an Adobe RGB file and you displayed it on the web or your screen it would assume it was a sRGB file and this would compress all the colors to the smaller gamut space. Hope this helped.
  5. Thanks Keis.

    I had a professional photographer friend make me a new printer/paper profile just for my Mac. He then set up an action in CS3 to brighten everything for printing. I am going to try it for awhile and see if I can make his new profile work.
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