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Help with portable flash system

Discussion in 'Studio Equipment and Lighting' started by strobel, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. strobel


    Apr 30, 2005
    Algonquin, IL
    I really need some help. I have taken on the responsibility of shooting some photos for the local Church (I did the web site) at an outing. No pressure, just raising some money for our church and community.

    I will be shooting portraits (full body) of the guest and then trying to sell them the photo that I can then print on the Kodak 1400. The banquet hall has a great fireplace that I will be shooting in front of. Anyway, the help I need is to get a good set of flash heads that are portable. I am trying to find information on the a good setup with some assistance on good light placement. I will have time to practice before the event and can even go to the hall 5 hours before the event to dial in all the equipment (should not have to).

    I use the D2X and currently only have an SB800 onboard flash. I am kind of ignorant when it comes to flash photography so be kind. The more opinions the better. But because I am a techno junki I do own a great flash meter. What should I be looking for and what would you recommend? I do not mind investing a little money.

    Thanks for your help
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  2. jfrancis


    May 8, 2005
    Orlando, FL
    How about another SB800 (or two) a flash umbrella(s) (or Photek Softliter II) and a reflector? Very portable, quick to set up and you won't have to use your flashmeter :smile:
  3. I’m with John on this one....
    I use multi SB800 set-ups all the time and they work well if you do it right.
    Get a second SB800 and buy a patch cord that will allow you to take the (master) off your camera and set it on a stand. Take the second gun and put it on a stand also.

    So now we have (2) guns both on stands and one hooked (via cord) to the hot shoe of your camera. So set the (tethered gun) on your right or left and a little higher than your camera only a Ft. or 2 way from your shooting location. Then set the second gun about 45 degree from your camera pointed into the shooting scene.
    Set your master gun to "master" and drop the power back to -.3 set the second gun to "Remote" and set it's power to (about) +7.

    This will get you started and then just adjust the gun power till you get it looking good. Once it's looking good just start (filing) the guests through your little set-up and have them drop their $20.00 in a plate on the way out...

    As an option, you can shoot the Remote gun through a translucent disk or into an umbrella. But if you don’t have those things just use a little cheesecloth on a wire ring. Or bounce the flash into a FCB (white)

    Good Luck
    If you need more info just PM me.
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