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  1. I took some photos of a band a while back but almost all of them had a bad red cast to them. In B&W, they don't look bad but I'd like to hear some suggestions/options.

    Here is an example. In CaptureNX, I took the photo on the left (which I shot in NEF) and selected (in this order) "auto levels," "black & white conversion," and "d-lighting" to get the photo on the right. I know I can do more but I just wanted to show that the B&W is obviously better then the red photo.

    I also use Photoshop CS2 so suggestions there can/will be listened to as well!


    (I realize there is a wire that appears to be coming out of the top of his head... I did no editing to the original except for what was listed - I am more concerned with the "red" before I get to editing the rest...)
  2. Did you try adjusting the white balance?
  3. Patently the red channel is completely blown. To get a better black and white conversion you need to make more use of the noisier but probably unblown blue and green channels.

    Somebody explain this better :smile:
  4. You could use the channel mixer method of doing B&W conversion in PS CS2, see if that gets you better results.
  5. I really have not tried to get a great B&W at this point. I was hoping to save the color version and get comments/suggestions before I turned to the B&W.

    I'll play with the WB and see what happens.. so far my efforts have not been good.

  6. If you don't mind uploading the NEF somewhere, I'll take a stab at it with Lightroom/PS later when I get home.
  7. thanks!

    I don't have the file on the computer I am typing this from so I'd have to send it later. Do you want to PM your e-mail and I'll send it that way?