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  1. Maybe this is not the right forum to ask this but here it goes.The other day I was outside taking pics of the boys and the colour seems way off in them. The sky seems blown out and so do their faces. I wasn't using flash and my camera was set at 400 iso 1/500 shutter and f/8. Can you give me suggestions to get the colours more vibrant.



    :Confused: Thanks
  2. Sarah,

    if your not already, Switch to matrix metering and ITTL/BL on the flash, might also drop to iso200

  3. Sarah,

    You said above that you weren't using the flash, but I can see some shadows behind I seeing things?

    I also think this might be the best you could do...there was very flat lighting (overcast), so sometimes it's tough to get vibrant colors when there isn't vibrant light.

    But, a quick levels adjustment in photoshop will give it a little more pop. I slid the left slider in until it contacted the histogram, slid the right slider to the left, and then adjusted the mid-slider...and it really made a difference...see below. I'll take this down if you would like...


    BTW...where in Ontario? I was just in Burlington...near Hamilton. Tried to get up to Toronto...but ran into nasty traffic...
  4. Thanks!!

    Thanks for the advice. Maybe I was using flash. Can't really remember. I like the conversion in photoshop but if I can get away without post editing I like to, don't really have the time with a farm and 3 boys to run after. I live near Grand Bend about 2 hours from Burlington. Actually I was just in Burlington on a Ikea shopping trip.

  5. Thanks for the response Mike. But I have one question what is ITTL/BL flash?

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    Honestly, if you don't have the time to do a little post processing, your pictures will tend to look more dull and less vibrant than they could with just a couple quick adjustments in Photoshop, as Mike just described.

    ITTL/BL is a setting on an external flash unit that basically allows your main subject to be properly exposed at the same time your background (sky) is....more or less.