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Hensel Lighting?

Discussion in 'Studio Equipment and Lighting' started by Walter, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. I have been discussing Hensel lighting offline with another member. How many here have experience with Hensel lighting? What are your thoughts? Did you get the models with or without built-in radio receivers? I am close to pulling the trigger on studio lights and want some feedback from Hensel users.
  2. I have not used them, but did look into them before I got my lights.

    One thing I can say is the rep that handles the east coast was very helpful and willing to take the time to answer my questions. Even those that required research.

    Why did I not get them? Size. I needed a location setup. Mainly general even lighting for formals at Bar Mitzvah rehearsals. The set I have is small in size and under 20lbs, but they are fan cooled 400w/s monos each with 200w modeling lights.
  3. Hensel is very nice stuff. Rolando Gomez is a big proponent of Hensel. I was choosing between the Hensel Integra Pro 500's and Elinchrom BX-400's. Both are very nice but I chose the Elinchrom primarly because of size and weight and their light modifiers. I also like the Elinchrom Ranger better and will be getting it soon so I wanted to standardize on Elinchrom light modifiers. Their softboxes and speedrings are very cool. The 100 watt second difference is minor, the BX-400's have a lot of power.
  4. RichNY

    RichNY Guest

    I have a pair of Hensel Integra Pro 500s and (2) Profoto Acute 2400 watt packs w/ 4 heads. The Hensel's are very well built and a pleasure to use; the Elinchrom BXs that Gregg mentioned are also excellent.

    I don't have the built in receivers and use Pocket Wizards. I'm now happy that the PWs are external as I can also use them to trigger a remote camera when shooting sports.
  5. Worked quite a bit with Hensel Porty as well as the monos Pro 500's. Very good equipment and like them much better than my Photogenics Monos. If you do not already have pocket wizards then I would get the models with the built in receivers as you can also adjust the power right from the transmitter.

    I was prepared to get the Porty Premium but with the recent price increase went ahead and purchased the Elinchrom Ranger RX Speed AS instead. Elinchroms monos the RX series are also very good. Rental House here in ATL that also rent Prohoto and Hensel stated that the Elinchrom RX monos was one of the most popular pieces of lighting equipment in their rental fleet and really has held up.

    Elinchrom also make some great modifiers that except for the 74" Octadome are fairly inexpensive.

    With either Hensel or Elincrom your going to get some great well built equipment that will last.
  6. Thanks for all the informative, helpful information. I will look at the Elinchrom product line too.
  7. StephanieHelen


    Jun 9, 2006
    I used the hensel porty on a workshop with Rolando Gomez - they were really great and easy to handle. I had already purchased Elinchroms, and I still prefer elinchroms for the rotalux softboxes :) 
  8. mchung


    Sep 17, 2007
    Vancouver, Canada
    I have the Hensel Porty Premium Plus AS with the radio remote as my main studio and location system. It's been excellent so far. I haven't much experience with the other systems other than looking at them closely, but the Hensels just feel solid, like the proverbial German tank. Very consistent light, and I have yet to run the battery down to even 50%. They are also well supported by the light modifier manufacturers.

    I looked at the Elinchrom Rangers as well, but didn't like having to choose between purchasing an asymmetrical or symmetrical pack. The Porty Premium allows me to select 1:1, 1:2 and 1:3, important when running two heads off a single pack. The reality of this is you're probably better off with two packs and two heads rather than one pack and two heads if you need to ultimate in power control and redundancy, so the whole sym/asym thing is less of a consideration then.

    The other knock against Eli was simply the occasional complaint about their bayonet mount system I've read about, and I think that's something that's been improved over the years -- maybe others can comment on that. A big temptation for the Eli was being able to use their legendary Octabank.

    Eli, Hensel, and Profoto were on my short list for a portable system. The local rental places here tend to rent Profoto and Hensel primarily, so it was definitely a large part of the consideration. What tipped it for me was the overall flexibility in the Hensel for power distribution. As well, the ability to adjust power using their remote control is a useful bonus for my work. Profoto's portable offerings were either too chunky with no remote option (7b) or limited to one head (Acute 600).

    If I were looking at monolights, I probably be choosing between the Hensel and Eli as well. The Profotos just don't seem to have the same range of features for the price but they do have a solid lineage so are worth considering.
  9. Well i dont own much hensel gear, apart from a Octa Sunhaze wich i use on my Elinchrom RF. But iv used them briefly and compared to brands like elinchrom, Profoto, bowens its just as good imo.

    Reason i chose Elinchrom is due to their lightmodifiers, but also the availability. Hensel isnt very big in sweden.

    I use two ranger RX speed packs (one AS) on location with one A head and one S head, and also a RF ranger ringflash (wich is exactly the same as the hensel, 3rd party make these for both companies)

    Bottomline cant go wrong with any of the above mentioned brands, so if Hensel is attractive to you, and are supported locally i wouldnt hesitate.
  10. Thanks to all for your valuable information. I think Hensel will be my choice once I'm ready to purchase. I have already lost two portrait jobs due to lack of proper equipment. I'm hoping I can pull the trigger sooner as opposed to later.
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