"Heritage Flight" from EAA

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  1. A few more from Saturday.

    YF-22 Raptor F-86 Sabreliner & Glacier Girl, the P-38 Lightning


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    Glacier Girl they found in 1992, nearly 300' under the ice. Discovery Channel did a show about it. They brought it out a 4' tunnel piece at a time!
    Just amazing to see and TOUCH this Beauty :biggrin:

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    Nice heritage flight you had, on my days it was only an F15 and P51.


  3. I see they fixed Glacier Girl. This year she was supposed to finish her trip to England by flying the same route it was supposed to fly back in the 40's. It ended up with engine problems while in Maine and they scrapped the rest of the flight. It was supposed to make a appearance at Duxford, UK airshow this year.

    They ended up replacing one of the Allison engines due to a cylinder problem...
  4. Three very fine aircraft, thanks for sharing.
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