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Hey baseball fans

Discussion in 'Sports Photography' started by niknd501, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. niknd501


    May 13, 2006
    Has anyone else got a very empty feeling their stomach about the last game being played in Yankee Stadium ? I am in no way a Yankee fan but I’ve got to admit that I feel a little sad about the closing of Yankee Stadium.

    I have never been to a game there but am an old baseball player and a long time fan of the game. Sadly, traditions in baseball, along with too many things in life are falling by the wayside. I know it’s just progress and the way of life but still, I don’t like it.

    To see Whitey Ford and Yogi Berra on the television talking about the memories they have makes me stop and take pause for just a minute. They have seen so much in their lifetime, baseball and otherwise.

    I post this here instead of the General Discussion forum because I know there are others here that probably feel the same. So if this is a boring post to some of you, please forgive an aging fella that has a soft spot for baseball in general.

    If you care to share your first baseball memory please feel free to post it here.
  2. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Throughout our nation, there are only a couple of handfuls of historical sports venues and Yankee Stadium is certainly one of them. While a new ballpark may be necessary because old ballparks are expensive to maintain, I sure hope certain elements of Yankee Stadium are carefully removed and placed into the new place.
  3. I think Mel Stottlemyre was saying that Monument Park used to be part of the playing field when he played? How the heck was that possible?

  4. niknd501


    May 13, 2006
    This is not my photo so I won't post direct but found it on the internet. .
    Look at that outfield . . It's huge ! Look where the outfielders are playing
    and how much room there is to the fences. .


    I would think that would explain that moment park was inplay back then.
    Obviously not there yet.

    Eidt ***
    Found some more info..

    If you dig in there you will find that it was 500 feet to left centerfield in 1923. WOW

    Dimensions: Left field: 280.58 (1923), 301 (1928), 312 (1976), 318 (1988); left side of bullpen gate in short left-center: 395 (1923), 402 (1928), 387 (1976), 379 (1985); right side of bullpen gate: 415 (1937); deepest left-center: 500 (1923), 490 (1924), 457 (1937), 430 (1976), 411 (1985), 399 (1988); left side of cente-field screen: 466 (1937); center field: 487 (1923), 461 (1937), 463 (1967), 417 (1976), 410 (1985), 408 (1988); deepest right-center: 429 (1923), 407 (1937), 385 (1976); left side of bullpen gate in short right-center: 350 (1923), 367 (1937), 353 (1976); right side of bullpen gate: 344 (1937); right field 294.75 (1923), 295 (1930), 296 (1939), 310 (1976), 314 (1988); backstop: 82 (1942), 80 (1953), 84 (1976); foul territory: large for the catcher behind home plate, but small for fielders down the foul lines.
  5. There is certainly a bit of melancholy with the closing the the House that Ruth Built. I'll miss the beauty of the place.

    I do have to say I won't miss the tight quarters on the concourses. In the current Cathedral, concourses are only 17 feet wide. In the new building (it hasn't been blessed yet), concourses will be 32 feet wide. And the seats are a bit cramped, but that just means I need to loose weight! :tongue:
  6. That's pretty amazing....thanks for digging that up for me.
  7. Hi Sean,
    The current stadium dimensions are 399 feet to left-center, 385 to right-center. Down the line in left, it's 318. In right, 314. In the old days, the "short porch" down the right-field line was 295, which made for an easy target for left-handed swingers such as Ruth, Gehrig, Yogi Berra, Maris and Mickey Mantle.

    When the Babe Ruth played, it was 490 to center and 460 to left-center. Just before the '70s renovation, it still was spacious: 463 to center, 457 to left-center. Thats when the monuments where exposed in the outfield.
  8. That's pretty interesting, Joe....I was looking into this and wikipedia mentions that the Polo Grounds and Forbes Field also had monuments in the outfield. Yankee Stadium apparently had the first warning track, although they don't mention if it was introduced to keep players from hitting the monuments.
  9. There were fewer monuments and they were in play. CF was perhaps 40 feet deeper back in so I imagine no center fielder played so deep that he would be running blinding after a ball they deep and crash into it.

    I remember Elston Howard hitting one that went behind the monuments on a bounce (and he was thrown out trying for an inside the part homerun.
  10. I have been a huge Yankees fan since 1955. I knew all the guys who were introduced. I thought the ceremony went well except for the actors hired to play the old-timers. But, at least, the looks on the current players' faces showed they thought it was funny.

    Very fitting that Andy got the last win and Mariano threw the last pitch.

    Time the sting (for a day or two) off the fact that they missed the playoffs this year.
  11. Saw a good part of the ceremony, nicely done -- even if they did show that Bucky Dent HR :biggrin:

    Shame George wasn't able to attend in person....
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