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  1. Vik and Xcel were hanging out on a lovely summer afternoon in the backyard, when suddenly, something just seemed "not quite right."

    "Xcel, do you think something fishy is going on here?" inquired Vikka


    "I'm not quite sure" replied Xcel hesitantly, "but I'm going to grab my flatened basketball before it rolls right off the edge of the earth! You keep watch and make sure nothing crawls up from below!!!"

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    And as quickly as it started, it ended, and all was normal in their world again. :smile:
  2. something fishy going on here:cool::wink:
  3. Yes, I have a hard time keeping that rounded slope watered....it all just seems to run off. :cool:
  4. Bob Coutant

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    May 17, 2005
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    For years, I've been telling Isabella that the earth is round. Maybe now she'll believe me.

    Chris C.
  5. Gale


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    Super images
    This is a riot of a story.

    Super work
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