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High speed (FP) question

Discussion in 'General flash photography, lighting, and technique' started by crashmeister, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. This past weekend I was shooting outdoors. I wanted to use FP for fill flash as TTL-BL was far too harsh. What I found was that I had to set the camera in Manual or Shutter priority for this to work.

    Why does it not work in Aperture priority ?

  2. fks


    Apr 30, 2005
    sf bay area
    hi craig-

    did you set CF e1 to 1/320s to enable AutoFP?

  3. I was using an SB800 and set CF-e1 to 1/250 (Auto FP).
  4. Sorry, I must have had a brain f**t because I just tested it again and it worked fine. I shot a light bulb in aperture priority at f2.8, 1/2000s and the objects behind the bulb were exposed OK.

    Go Nikon !

    I have no idea what I did on the weekend, but the SS would not go over 1/250!
  5. I think if you were outdoors and had your aperture quite low and a fast shutter speed your working distance is greatly diminished since you are getting such a small slice of the light from the flash . It may have worked but not powerful enough to actually show on a sunny day .
  6. Actually the flash did fine. I ended up with 1/600; f2.8 and the flash did it's fill job very well. I was shooting people at a BBQ with a 24-70, so I was not that far away.

    I far prefer the look that FP gives when you cannot bounce the light. I suspect it is underused.
  7. Why so? All FP does is allow you to use faster shutter speeds. It has no other effect, other than to reduce the guide number of the flash.
  8. TTL-BL-FP can be used with the with the sb800 but the d300 metering must be set to matrix or center weighted area metering.

    Did you by chance have the camera set to spot metering? Spot metering will cause the sb800 to default to TTL-FP.
  9. Not so. It will just block out ttl-bl. ttl-fp must be selected from the menu, and it works with all metering modes.
  10. Frank, I am not sure about other cams but a D300 using a SB600 or SB800 can achieve TTL BL FP (balanced flash, no cap on shutter speed) using matrix or center weighted metering using camera exposure modes-program, aperture, shutter or manual.

    Spot metering will allow standard TTL FP (no cap on shutter speed) in all the same exposure modes.

    My response is to the OP's question of what seem to be a loss of the balanced flash.
  11. Sorry. I took your comment out of context. It's the same on my d200. All pretty twisty, isn't it.
  12. Faster shutter speeds mean narrower DOF via bigger apertures. Good for portraits. I find the light much softer with FP. The fill has a more subtle look.

    I'm no pro so I could be wrong. Maybe something else I'm seeing.
  13. It probably has a more subtle look because there isn't enough power to get the full flash with FP sometimes . It should be the same effect if you just dial back the flash or select negative compensation with normal flash .
  14. I just bought it a 3-stop ND filter but haven't tried it yet. While I like auto-FP, its range is quite limited by design. I'm hoping the ND filter will let me slow the shutter a bit, sometimes even to sync speed, while still maintaining a large aperture for shallow DOF.
  15. MurphyD


    Jan 17, 2007
    South Texas
    This doesn't address your original question, because you answered that yourself. I am having to use -2.0 to -3.0 ev on the flash with the D300 to avoid the harsh "flashy". This is considerably different than my D200.
    I don't think the FP part of the equation will help much with the harshness problem.
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