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Hill Climb

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by warth man, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. The Vintage Sports Car Club was at Honiston Slate Mine in the English Lake District today for their annual event. Here are twelve pics:

    1. Flying start with a full load. 38284319006_4d6b2c9477_b. Vintage Sports Cars by warth man, on Flickr

    2. Bugatti on the up.
    24469094788_a7d0faa125_b. _DSC5050.dng by warth man, on Flickr

    3. The bridge is strong, despite appearances.
    38308611552_01ed0fc693_b. _DSC5058.dng by warth man, on Flickr

    4. One of Ford's finest.
    24469122228_bb0a1158d8_b. _DSC5081.dng by warth man, on Flickr

    5. It sounded as if it wouldn't make it, but it did.
    38339493281_4a2493c8f2_b. _DSC5107.dng by warth man, on Flickr

    6. Young folk were in the mix too.
    26564971689_d1080cf35f_b. _DSC5152.dng by warth man, on Flickr

    7. Bugatti on the brake.
    38308847212_2dc44d1382_b. _DSC5196.dng by warth man, on Flickr

    8. Steep stretch. Canon man at left.
    38308850072_0d267790ed_b. _DSC5198.dng by warth man, on Flickr

    9. The ladies enjoyed themselves too. This tiny car made it to the top but the ruts on the final hairpin were too much for it.
    38308856672_b1078eda0f_b. _DSC5218.dng by warth man, on Flickr

    10. Little Austin saloon got this far. That is the passenger talking to the driver. Chap on the left had a hard time coming up that stretch too.
    38284618776_d374a80d84_b. _DSC5327.dng by warth man, on Flickr

    11. This old Singer (the car) made it up and down, no problems.
    38284670386_ef41628d30_b. _DSC5353.dng by warth man, on Flickr

    12. The course. It zig-zags right to the top.
    24469326158_0968614066_b. _DSC5356.dng by warth man, on Flickr
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2017
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  2. What a neat event, love the cars. Well done.
  3. I love old cars and their histories. Your photos are excellent. Well done.
  4. Thanks Gordon, Les. I've now done what I didn't have time to do last night, which is to add some numbers and comments. It was a fun event in a remote corner of the Lake District. I may add a few more pics later.
  5. Thank you for sharing these. Wonderful photographs and amazing cars!
  6. Very interesting set...I'm not so sure I would trust those old cars if I were driving down a steep gravel mountain road.

  7. Thanks Rolf. I think it's great that the owners push their cars like this. They are not just ornaments and all of them are probably quite expensive.
  8. Appreciated Glenn. They all offloaded their passengers before coming back down. This one (slightly blurred as I wasn't ready for it) had a remote control brake:

    26565090829_353ba600c1_b. Vintage Sports Cars 22 by warth man, on Flickr

    And this was it:

    38308910892_919f41f1d9_b. Vintage Sports Cars 23 by warth man, on Flickr
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  9. Just out of interest, I submitted both of the above pics at the same size (1024 x 684) yet the first has come out much larger. Does the site choose to make the change or is something else going on?
  10. West


    Jan 2, 2012
    Vancouver BC
    Great stuff, the cars look like toys.
  11. Cheers West. Expensive toys! Here's another. Note the spokes.

    38381471462_e3073a1dd3_b. Vintage Sports Cars 34 by warth man, on Flickr
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  12. ijm5012


    Jul 25, 2017
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Yikes, I feel bad for the cars, getting subjected to that kind of abuse. Nice shots though!
  13. BrianDW


    May 14, 2014
    Portsmouth UK
    Great pictures, in a beautiful location. Considering that the event must have been planned for some time, I think you were amazingly lucky with the weather and light.
  14. Thanks ijm. The owners are real enthusiasts and, as far as they are concerned, that's what they're for. I have no idea what it costs to put, and keep, one of these on the road but I'm glad that they are there for us to see.
  15. Thank you Brian. You're right - I was lucky with the weather. It usually rains. Not that it stops anyone. The event goes ahead regardless.
  16. Lovely set. My favs are #7 and #9.
  17. Thank you Binnur.
  18. A great capture with this set, I love vintage cars and the like. The remote control brake is great idea and may save someone taking a dive.:eek: 

  19. Thanks Alan. It's an annual event so you'll be able to plan for next year!
  20. West


    Jan 2, 2012
    Vancouver BC
    All wood, I wonder if the chassis was also made out of wood like the Morgans.
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