[Hints of Spring] and Rhyme [3]

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  1. The hint of Spring, it's in the air,
    And some, forego the time,
    They raise themselves, oh quite contrair'
    And bring us reason t' rhyme.


    In MIRRORS seen, one must now ask,
    The leading line to keep?
    The green of foliage, more sharp,
    Leads in the eye, and deep?


    With standin' proud, pronounced we find,
    Amidst a sea of pink,
    Echoes of those that stand behind,
    This works well, do you think?


    In this one hence, we try to show,
    A looming cliff, present
    To lead the eye where pistils go,
    Achieved indeed, intent?

    Forgive the size of web, it steals,
    It does the show just harm,
    In canvas of size life, appeals,
    Of detail, sharp, and charm.
  2. Nice work Kevin . . .

  3. cheers eric.
  4. tojor


    Jul 27, 2005
    Very nice. I enjoyed the verses too. The last one is gorgeous.
  5. Hi tojor, thanks indeed!
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