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Hit And Run

Discussion in 'Photojournalism, Candids and Street Photography' started by mindspan, May 20, 2007.

  1. I heard a loud crash out my living-room window and grabbed my trusty D200 to take a couple of snaps... turns out the people in these shots pulled out and hit a Chrysler Sebring which then proceeded to take off despite major damage.

    It was raining out and I was in shorts so I didn't stick around long...



  2. DJ Matt

    DJ Matt Guest

    those are great shots! good series
  3. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Good grief
  4. Great series Ray............. excellent PP..............

  5. nice documentary of this, looks like nobody hurt.
  6. Thanks for the kind words folks -- I was just glad that everyone was ok :smile:
  7. Some very good journalism shots .
  8. Very nice serie Ray.
  9. Larty


    Apr 12, 2007
    Wow.. amazing pictures. Sorry for the hit and run, the h & r driver
    should be beat to a pulp.

    But, how did you take these pictures without the police coming
    over to you to ask what you are doing? Did anyone come talk
    to you? Did you have to ask for permission to take pictures?
    Or did you just walk up to the scene and snapped away?

  10. Thanks for your comments Larty!

    I basically just went up to the scene (arrived before the police did) and began snapping photos like I belonged there.

    Was shooting with the D200 with the grip on and the 28-70 with the hood... so it looked like a pretty big pro rig. As a result, I think most people thought I was shooting for the paper as they made room for me and were respectful of my unobstructed field of view etc.

    It's easier to ask forgiveness than permission. If you have the right attitude and seem to know what you are doing, you can get away with pretty much anything :smile:
  11. Great pictures, I love the presentation with the black border and caption in the border - very nicely done.
  12. Ray, if someone had gotten hurt would you have still taken the shots?

    I only ask because something similar happened to me last week and at first I reached for my camera but then I noticed the paramedics treating someone so I put it back in my bag.
  13. Thanks Dude, very easy to do, but I thought it made an improvement in the presentation so I did it.
  14. I think I would have been actually more inclined to take more photos if someone had been hurt. I would have then offered them to the victim of the hit and run and the police if they needed them for court etc. thereafter.

    I can totally understand your reaction however; and while I say what I do above, one can never really know how they'll react in these types of circumstances until they are faced with them.
  15. Good Point; I never thought of that.
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