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Hobbies we don't do anymore?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TOLady, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. Since digi photography involves computers and time etc, we have a tendency to let other hobbies drop by the wayside, due to time, lack of interest, whatever. I think it would be fun and very telling of our personalities if we listed hobbies that caught our interest at one point. I'll go first, in no particular order:

    petit point
    stained glass window making
    marquetry (cutting little bits of different colour woods, gluing and making pictures)
    shooting target (I can put 5 in the circle with a 44S&W!)
    golf - still do that
    rollerblading - too hard on the ankles
    crosscountry skiing - nope, don't like the cold anymore
    toboggan - yup, still do in the first big snowfall - huge hill - scream all the way down just for the laugh of it

    I'm sure if I rooted around the basement, I'd find remnants of other hobbies too!

    So tell us yours....
  2. Leigh


    Feb 19, 2005
    Great topic, Sandi!

    Okay....my stuff...

    Gourmet cooking (I still do this...First love...always will be!!!)
    Hiking(have young kids, kinda hard to take a double stroller)
    Swimming(still do in the summer...great exercise and distraction for the kids)
    Sewing(still do when time allows...especially around Christmas...recently got a fancy machine that does embroidery as well as monogramming.)
    Painting(Haven't done this in MANY, MANY, MANY years... :cry: 
    Writing(Graduated w/a Bachelor's in English w/a concentration in creative writing in College...actually started a novel...almost half-way done)
  3. fks


    Apr 30, 2005
    sf bay area
    tennis and biking -can't run as fast as i used to, and i get muscle injuries more often
    computer games -computer time is spent editing photos :) 
    car club meets -don't know why, but i don't go to these anymore

  4. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Yikes! You just reminded me Sandi! I haven't made a batch of wine for three years! Time to get fermentin'!
  5. I have given up 4 :

    Tennis, my old bones can't take the punding anymore
    Cooking: Now that their are only two of us and we are never home at the same time, that has stopped.
    Darkroom work

  6. Wow there are a lot of tennis players in here! We should all play some mixers! I warn you all, I was on the tennis varsity team back in high school! haha!

    Okay things I miss:

    1. Artsy photography-Been shooting too many annoying celebs.
    2. Tennis and biking-Due to my fractured ankle.
    3. Travelling-Have to work more now due to my injury.
    4. Meeting nice girls-It sucks being a lone freelancer. :( 
    5. Drawing-I went to Art school for crying out loud!
    6.Spending time with family-sucks that they're all out of state...
  7. Leigh, I'll bring the wine and you can cook!! No meal better than one cooked by someone who loves what they're doing! So does this mean you're going to make all the gang here little drawstring bags for our lenses with our initials monogrammed on them??? *LOL* I'm impressed about the novel - ETA on the finish??

    So, Chris, only one hobby? winemaking, and even falling down on the job at that!! *LOL* tsk tsk tsk

    Ricky, I know about injuries, sitting here nursing a few myself!! Praise those drug companies for creating painkillers!

    Gil, do you miss the darkroom? You can always run a roll of film thru a camera and putter with it. I never got into all that.
  8. Jonathan, gotta feed the soul with some artsy photos. Too much work makes photography a chore. So what's the story about the ankle? Chasing one too many skirts?? *LOL*
  9. Woodworking.........but I still have a boat load of power tools in the basement.
  10. jkamphof

    jkamphof Guest

    I tried guitar once as I really wanted to learn an instrument, after about 8 months I realized it takes a lot of work to learn so promptly I left it alone. I still have all the equipment. Amps/tuners/bags/strings/cables and the guitar....

    Otherwise: inline skating, gourmet cooking (but I still try, but living in Korea limits my selection of foods), exercising (this one comes and goes still...), painting/drawing, tae-kwon-do.

    Successfully I still travel (I'll never fail here), photography (ditto), and cycling.....
  11. JeffKohn


    Apr 21, 2005
    Houston, TX
    I don't know that I've really given up any hobbies because of photography. I don't spend nearly as much time (or money) tweaking and upgrading my home theater system now that all my discretionary spending goes to camera gear, but I do still use it to watch the occasional movie or tv show, or listen to music.

    One thing I have cut way back on is reading fiction. Not because I don't have time to read any more but because I've been reading so many photography books.

    I've also cut back a bit on the amount spent on wine, though not completely. But I've been taking more from the cellar than I've put in this year.

    After a few years off I've gotten back into inline speedskating this year, decided it was time to get back in shape. But I had previously stopped that before taking up photography.

    If anything I've picked up some new hobbies because of photography, mainly hiking. Travel has also become a much bigger priority now.
  12. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    I used to really enjoy cleaning and waxing my pickup truck on a weekly basis, now it's maybe once every six months. There was a time that the engine compartment was as clean as the outside was.

    I haven't played organized softball in several years. There aren't many innings left on this almost 51 year old frame.

    I used to exercise like a crazy person...now I am fortunate to exercise three times per week. We have a "gym quality" eliptical machine that cries my name each time I walk by it...I'm planning on getting re-united with it starting tomorrow and each day between shifts at work.

    The only person to blame for missing out on these things is....uh....er....Nikon, yeah that's it....Nikon!
  13. I'm kinda like Jeff. Can't say I've really given up any hobbies since picking up photography ~2 years ago, but I too have slowed down my spending/usage of our modest home theater setup and the tons of DVDs I used to buy -- I still buy DVDs now and then, but just haven't kept up w/ watching them. :D  I've also relaxed my music buying and listening over the years, but recently bought an iPod (and some decent headphones) so I don't need to lug my CDP+CDs around on top of my camera kit. And the iPod is *making* me buy CDs again. :lol:

    Haven't given up my active interest in baseball (as a spectator) and playing some fantasy baseball. :D  Never got around to playing any organized ball, but would love to -- wish the various companies I worked for were involved in softball leagues though one almost did. Nowadays, I live vicariously through my little boy and his participation in a peewee league. ;) 

    Used to draw long ago, but can't do it anymore after so many years spent at the keyboard. :(  Although photography wasn't the cause, the computer is. Still, photography has become a sort of artistic outlet that replaces drawing for me, so it's not entirely unrelated. Don't play much computer/video games either (unless you count fantasy baseball :D ), but I guess I've outgrown that for the most part years ago. BTW, hasn't everyone spent 9-10 hours straight playing a video game at some point in his/her lifetime (even during our college days)? :oops:  :lol:

    Thinking to pick up the violin together w/ my little girl, so that will be one thing added -- and I've always wanted to learn as I love the violin. Used to sing a little in the choir at my old church and enjoyed that very much -- maybe I should go get a karaoke for the family since everybody loves to sing a little. 8) I tried singing Stairway to Heaven just the other day at a friend's house despite not being quite that familiar w/ it, and boy, did I forget how high the 2nd part of the song goes. :lol:

    Oh, one thing nobody remembered to mention: hanging out in these sorts of forum sites. :D  I've spent way too much time doing that over the years. :mrgreen: Well, guess none of us have given that up yet. :lol:

  14. Nice bonding thread, Sandi :roll:.

    I've been heavy into digital photography for 5 years, and have given up everything else in life :wink:.
  15. William

    William Guest

    I thought I was going to be either a chemical engineer or a jazz or classical musician when I left home in 1970 to go to Harvard... NOT. Then I thought I'd be an internist after UCLA med, NOT.

    After doing full time radiology since 1982, I realize that

    1- I haven't played saxophone in 5 years!
    2- I hardly ever play any other instruments except occasional piano
    3-I supplanted performing music with mountaineering, climbing, cycling, and ...photography.

    Photoshop and other digital aspects have really been time-consuming, but at least I still get to read wrist MRI on everyone else for suspected carpal tunnel (as my hands are still fine)
  16. Look like it's gonna be some darkroom for me... (or just about anything that prevents me of actually cleaning all the mess I leave beihnd me)
  17. Golf - but I have a trapped nerve in my thigh which prevents me from walking more than about 100 yards (which is about how far I used to hit the ball off-target).

    Not only is post-processing a sedentary occupation but I can do it sitting down. :wink:
  18. Building radio controlled scale model boats.

    And playing a wide range of musical instruments very badly indeed. Most recently the Irish button acordion. Even more badly than the guitars, mandolin, trombone. tenor horn, tuba, harmonica, concertina that went before it.

    I think the photography is here to stay, but my wife is waiting in a resigned way for the next craze to start.
  19. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Nah, my whole life is a hobby:
    I used to paint, but now I photograph,
    I used to program computers, but now I process photographs,
    I used to blog, but now I photoblog,
    I used to play sports, but now I shoot sports, and
    I used to do science, but now I illustrate science.

    Winemaking was the only one that hadn't been perverted to photographic use. If you have a line on a half ton of muscat fruit, I'd photograph the process and send you a bottle (now that we can legally ship the stuff!) ;) 
  20. One thing I really miss - riding.

    I used to ride every week, but stopped a few years ago after hurting
    my back (unrelated to riding). I still go back to the riding school once
    in a while to see my friends, but don't have time to ride regularly now.
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