Holiday on the Washington/Oregon coast

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hillrg, May 12, 2005.

  1. I'm off for two weeks, navigating around the Olympic peninsula and down the coast to somewhere in Oregon before it is time to turn around and come home.

    If anyone has any suggestions for photo-ops let me know. Otherwise see everyone in two weeks.
  2. Have a nice trip Rory. The Oregon coast is a very scenic place. Silver Falls State Park near Salem has a loop trail that will let you encounter 6 waterfalls and they are all great.
  3. Thanks Gordon! I'll look for that for sure. Can never have too many waterfall shots :lol:
  4. Hey, Rory, don't miss the Dungeness Spit on the Penninsula and /or Hurricane Ridge. Are taking the ferry across to Port Angeles or coming down I-5? Depending on direction I may have a couple of other suggestions.

    Let me know if you folks will have time for a dinner on the way down or back.
  5. Hi Bill

    Thanks for the tips.

    We are taking the ferry to Port Angeles. I'll send you an email about catching you on the way back up I-5.
  6. Wow. Thanks a million for the great tips Jacki :!:
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