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  1. Cougar8045


    May 25, 2007
    Since I joined this forum, I realize how many members here are from all over the world and not just US.

    I was originally born and raise from Hong Kong. Since I moved to US in the mid 70s, I have not been back for a visit. Although I do want to go back next year and visit China as the same time for the Olympics, I don't think I can make it because of the cost. I do miss where I came from and wonder how much it has changed since then.

    I am just wondering if any members here who live at Hong Kong currently can take some pictures for me from where I used to live or went to school at. Only if it's convenience for you or you just happen to past the area. Don't make a special trip for it.

    I used to live at the West side of Hong Kong. The apartment building is locate at 72 Hill Road. This road is not far below the Hong Kong University. I also went to school at St. Joseph Primary School at Wan Chai. I remember I used to ride bus 103 to go to school. I even went to St. Stevens Kindergarden school which is not too far from Hill Road also.

    Not sure how much it has changed for the past 32 years. It would be nice to see it in person. I only know where my grandparents used to live at with those old Chinese apartment buildings were already demolished and rebuilt. They were also at the West side of Hong Kong in Dragon Tiger Mountain.
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