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Hoodman Loupe Kudos and News

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mike Buckley, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. The Kudos
    Ever since purchasing my Hoodman Loupe about two months ago, I wouldn't do any handheld photography without it. You can imagine my disappointment when the carrying case containing the Loupe came off its belt clasp on my first day of vacation in Turkey last month. Unfortunately, I was not able to find it. A manufacturing defect of the sort that occasionally happens in every industry caused this to happen.

    A few days ago I had an enjoyable conversation with Lou (or is it Lew?) of the Hoodman Corporation about it. He promised to send me a replacement free of charge and it arrived today. Based on the quality of the Hoodman Loupe and the terrific customer service, I wouldn't hesitate to do business with Hoodman in the future.

    The News
    During our conversation he mentioned that Hoodman hopes to have the Loupe that fits the larger LCD of the D3 and the D300 on the market in the next 45 days. I haven't read the specs of the newly announced D700, but I think the Loupe will also fit that camera. That's got to be great news for owners of those cameras.
  2. taat2d


    Sep 28, 2007
    Mike what is the actual NEED for a loupe? I know what a jewlers loop is for, but why would you need one for your camera?
  3. The camera's LCD is very difficult to see when it's being used outdoors, especially in bright sunlight. That's true for me even if I make a point of using my body to shield the LCD from the direct sunlight. The loupe solves that issue by providing an enclosure that blocks out all sunlight.

    The Loupe also magnifies the image in the LCD, making it easier to determine whether the image is sharp. That explains why I like using the Loupe even if I'm indoors and not hampered by bright sunlight.
  4. taat2d


    Sep 28, 2007
    This is VERY VALUABLE info!!! I ALWAYS have a problem with this until I get home and download my images.
  5. Joe, two tips about examining the sharpness in-camera that you probably already know about.

    1) Set the sharpness of your D80 to +2 if you're shooting RAW. You'll be able to reverse the sharpness to zero when you post process. If you're shooting JPEG, try setting it to +1. You might not need to sharpen during post processing.

    2) When you examine the image in-camera, increase the magnification all the way and then back off it two steps. That's about the same as viewing it at 100%, or so I'm told. Viewing it at a larger magnification will begin to pixelate.
  6. taat2d


    Sep 28, 2007
    2 tips I was totally unaware of!! I am shooting RAW. How do I reverse the sharpening in PP if need be? The CLARITY slider?
  7. Thanks for the loupe tip, Mike. I've put off getting one becuase of the size of the LCD on the D300. I'll be counting the days...
  8. It wasn't a firm commitment, Mark. Just an approximation of when they hope to be shipping product.

  9. Joe, there are a number of ways and I don't want to set a bad example by hijacking my own thread explaining them. :smile: Depending on the editor software you're using, your best bet is to find the appropriate forum and ask that question. Your question makes me think that you might be a relative novice at post processing (nothing wrong with that at all!), so you also might want to consider buying a good "how to" book for whatever that editor is.
  10. Tosh


    May 6, 2005

    It sounds like you're using Camera Raw/CS3 since you mention the newly-added Clarity slider.
    Camera Raw won't apply your in-camera sharpening setting, but by default it will apply a moderate dose of sharpening (under the Details Tab) for preview purposes.
    By default, any sharpening in Camera Raw is for preview only; it won't be applied to the image when you take it into Photoshop.
    If you open the Details Tab, "(Preview Only)" will be next to the title Sharpening if you are in Preview Only mode.
    You can change sharpening from "preview only" to "applied" by going into the the Camera Raw Preferences Menu (3rd icon from right at top of screen).

    BTW, the Clarity slider is used to give your image a little more pop by applying a local contrast enhancement.
    You can achieve the same effect by using Unsharp Mask in Photoshop at settings 10-20% Amount, 40-50 Radius, and 0 Threshold to remove haziness from an image. It should be done on a layer so you can fine-tune by adjusting the layer's opacity.

    P.S. Sorry for the brief hijack, Mike. :redface: I think it ends here.
  11. taat2d


    Sep 28, 2007
    Thanx Glenn. And Mike I apologize.
  12. taat2d


    Sep 28, 2007
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