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House Near Zion NP

Discussion in 'Night, InfraRed, and UltraViolet Photography' started by greyflash, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. A friend of mine is a builder and just completed a house in Springdale, Utah. Those of you that have been to Zion NP will recognize that town as being right outside of the park gate. I decided to highlight this house by photographing it with Infrared. All image taken with my modified D100 and 18/70mm lens in the late evening. I am interested in what you think about using IR in this way. Note: The house is sold so these images are for no other purpose than the enjoyment of those looking at them.

    Late Evening View of House:

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    View to the rear of the house. This mountain is red but the sun was still hitting it and it came out nearly white:

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    House and Guest House:

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    Living Room and View (this view would show better in the early morning with the sun coming from the other direction:

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    This house is built on 6 acres and is high enough that it looks down on the town of Springdale.

    Staircase (3 stories)

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  2. Wow Gordon! Very dramatic (the IR atmosphere) ...and a wonderful house, too!
  3. Both the house and your shots are impressive. I'm envious of the views the owners will enjoy.
  4. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a house!!!! And I like the IR look, it's an interesting perspective. :smile:
  5. Thanks Panos, they only gave out 14 building permits this year in the town of Springdale and the review committe was pretty particular.

    I have always wanted a house with spectacular view like this but alas, it will have to be in my dreams. Thanks for your comments Dave.

    Thank you Gretchen, it is a beautiful home with many amenities inside. Then of course the guest house beside it is not all that shabby either.
  6. A Gorgeous house Gordon. And the surrounding scenery is breath taking., Carolyn would kill for that kitchen.

    Thanks, Rich
  7. Wonderful, unusual images, Gordon. Love the IR effect on the architecture. Interesting how they've incorporated raw wood into the construction. That is the perfect location for this house. When the morning sun hits that rock, it'll blaze red for hours! Springdale, Utah, is a very pretty little town.
  8. Very nice shots!
    I remember Springdale. That's where I stayed in my two trips to Zion, at the Majestic View Inn. Lovely place.
  9. Very nice captures of a beautiful home. Ah to be wealthy.
  10. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    These look great Gordon! I especially like that white mountain! IR responds so interestingly to different types of light, but it seems to really thrive on low sunlight!
  11. Gorgeous, Gordon! I love both the house and its environs. The IR really makes for an intriguing perspective on it!! Very cool...
  12. Thanks Rich. The kitchen was very nice and of course you could cook something up and then sit at the table looking out on the beautiful view.

    Thank you Sandi, I know you were just here a couple of months ago so you can appreciate the view here in Springdale.

    Hey Alex, glad you liked it here in my backyard so to speak.

    Hi Brian, like I said before it will only be in my dreams that I have such a view.

    Thank you Chris, I do know that you like IR and appreciate what it does in the various forms of light. I appreciate your comments.
  13. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    I'll admit that I have never been too interested in IR photography, but this series has really piqued my interest. The quality of each image is great and the coloration is fascinating. And the home, wow is an understatement.
  14. I really debated taking IR pictures here but I am not displeased at all that I did. It will be interesting to contrast them to some of the normal shots I took. Thanks for your nice comments.

    I hear you Frank, I too never had a great interest in IR but since then I have seen some really great IR pictures, not that these qualify. This was more of a learning experience. I liked the first image the best.
  15. WOW! tht could be me ;~))
    Great photography Gordon
  16. BigPixel

    BigPixel Guest

    what a novel use of IR! Woody and you are showing some interesting takes.
  17. They are beautiful IR photos. Very interesting effects.
  18. We will continue to dream Dave. Thanks.

    Hey Mike, thanks for looking.

    Thanks Phil, I was just trying to do something a little different.
  19. How nice Connie, I think I missed you when commenting above so I am catching up. Thanks much.
  20. alaskahutch


    Jun 22, 2006
    I get to take a lot of house pictures in my job, but none as unusual as these. Guess I'll have to try an IR home shoot, too. Thanks.
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