How about real "macro" ?

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  1. ...continuing to have fun with my basket full of "sysalis", i pulled the PB-4 bellow out of it's box, put my old Nikkor 105 f/2.5 (reversed) on it and took a few pics...

    I'm quite impressed by the sharpness of this lens, as i allready had tried the Tamron SP90 on the bellow, but without any success: i didn't seem to be able to manually focus correctly...

    Just reminding that the size of this fruit is half an inch, and the "veins" of the shell are about 1 to 1 1/2 millimeter, i let you judge of the ratio, wich must be around 2.5:1 at the maximum range... The first pic was taken with the bellow half extended, and the second one with it fully extended.

    Both shots were done at 1:125 @ f/8 with flashes - RAW - ISO 100

    I precise that these shots are both FULL FRAME , eg. no cropped at all, only resized for Web !



    Cheers and have a great week-end !
  2. Amazing JP. Macro is a fun world that never tires me.
  3. Great images, makes me wish I had kept my PB-4 bellows.