How about some RC planes?

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Cleanmaxx Brian, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. Hi all,
    I shoot a lot of RC planes! Not sure if there is anyone here into RC Planes...I don't fly but like the challenge of shooting them. I would rather build and run trucks! I can post an update whenever I do a shoot of the planes if you would like, just let me know. The club uses my images for their magazine...

    If you want to see some shots from the past events along with my own rc collection (I have to re-shoot my own RC's now that I have got into photography:
    I think you will be able to see some of my improvements over the time frame...when I look at the older pics in these galleries, I see lots of mistakes! I was also shooting with a Canon point and shoot and moved into Minolta, my first DSLR...
  2. Hi Brian.

    I both fly and shoot R/C planes. Although not at the same time.

    No need for an invite, just post thm when you get them.
  3. Will do...
    They are fun/challanging to shoot!
  4. cupowater

    cupowater Guest

    hahah i actually just crashed my R/C helicopter the other day... :frown: they are really fun till they crash and you see how much its going to be to fix it

    those are awesome shots though
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