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How about those Cardinals not the football team either

Discussion in 'Birds' started by mike mac, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. These are from my morning shoot yesterday normally these guys are very skittish but they cooperated yesterday for some reason, who am I to question whey. All take with the D2X and 200-40VR with 1.4 tele and SB800 for fill flash.
    Female on the ground
    Male on the ground
    Female perching
    Male perching series
  2. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Beautiful birds and images.

    Boy they sure keep there eye on you :>)))

    Better keep the feeder full.
  3. Great shots Mike. I really like that last one. Wish we had some around here. Maybe next time we visit Virginia I will find some.
  4. bfjr

    bfjr Guest

    really well done ... exp., sharpness and setting !!
    Like em all
  5. nice work Mike. Tell me about the flash, are you using a better beamer? what is the range with the SB800? are you using any slaves positioned near the feeder? It seems to add just the right touch to these bird shots.
  6. Callie

    Callie Guest

    Hi Mike
    VERY nice, these were the first N AM birds I knew after the bald Eagle. Love them, and the beady eye they have on that camera of yours!
  7. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Very nice shots Mike. I'm amazed that you were able to get so close. Must have bird seed in your pockets or something. :tongue:
  8. Darn birds are costign me about 15 dollars a week in seed...but it is worth it thanks for looking
  9. These birds were very elusive up until this fall must be stockign up for the winter
  10. Thanks Ben it makes for soem nice mornign out on the front porch
  11. Dave
    These birds are close say the furthers one is 25 feet so need for the beamer. I usually have the cam set to A mode with the aperture set to 7.1 - 8. If it is real early I will have the flash set to TTL/FP and dial in anywhere from -2/3 to -1 EV, when the sun comes up a bit I will change the flash to TTL/FP/BBL and use the same amount on negative EV, adjusting to taste. I had thought about using multiple flashes and will give it a try but the flash seems to spook the birds and I want to keep that to a minimum
  12. Thankd Callie a pleasure to meet you. They always keep a eye on the wierd lookign dud on the front porch :biggrin:
  13. Frank
    They get so invloved in eatign they throw caution to the wind now each species is differnt, the BC chikadees are vey elusive and scare easily, the finces will actually stay in the tree wheil I refill the feeder. Seems this time of year they are so busy feedign prior to winter it amkes it even easier to get som decent shots.
  14. I can't get nearly that close to the ones that visit my yard. Good job!
  15. Very nice images Mike I wish we got them in the uk.

    Phillip. :smile:
  16. Cardinals are sooo beautiful Mike and your images capitalize on that. Wish you had some snow to really show them off.
  17. Beatiful Shots!
    I am just starting to go for the little guys. I will need a lot of practice my yard faces west so no good light till miday and is only 20 feet deep after that is a 15 foot retaining wall seperating me from a national forest.
    The good news the birds swarm my feeder the bad news is I've yet to get a good shot. :frown:
    Oh well there is something to be said for just birding I have seen more types of peeps and midsize birds then I've thought of, the Sibly's is getting a work out.
    Strange about the black cap they are for me the most friendly they and the titmouse come right back and I can stand on my deck no more then 5 feet from the feeder and they will come. The ground feeders will usually not come back till I go inside.
    This is going to be my first New England winter in over 30 years so I will get lots of time with the little guys at the feeder.
    I've not really missed California but by mid Dec I think I will :biggrin:
  18. These guys are usually very elusive but this time they were very cooperative
  19. Gordn
    PLEASE do not rush the white stuff :eek:  I will have tiem for that in due tiem, but I agree these littel guys in the snow are awesome
  20. My feeders are not placed in the best possible place but my back yard is off limits due to our dog who claims this space for himself. It BC are gettign nore frequent but they rearley perch before or after eating and I liek to try and get natural settgins in my shots.
    I found last winter that due to the lack of oehtr food sources that the amount and type of birds are greater during the winter.
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