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How do you carry big glass ?

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Randy, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. 1. Just the lens in a case ?
    2. Lens attached to body with hood reversed
    3. Lens + hood installed and no body

    I am down to 4 cases but which one will depend some on how I plan to carry my new 400. My current plan is to carry it with hood attached and I am leaning towards the tenba LL600 II.

    Here are the bags I am researching so far:

    1. tenba LL600 II
    2. Lens Trekker 600 - discontinued
    3. Kinesis l511
    4. ThinkTank Glass Taxi
    5. Pelican 1560
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  2. Lens Trekker 600, hood attached, body and other bodies/lenses in separate case. If going on air travel, lens with hood reversed and some other stuff in Think Tank International roller with second TT Airport Acceleration backpack.
  3. kiwi


    Jan 1, 2008
    Auckland, NZ
    With a smile on your face

    Pelican time ?
  4. i am back and forth on hood attached or not. This is my last variable in making my decision. I am now thinking 'do I want to carry a larger case just so I can have the hood attached'

    I am now leaning towards hood reversed which leads me to
    1. Pelican 1560
    1. Kinesis l321
    2. ThinkTank Glass Taxi
    3. tenba LL400 II
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  5. i didn't mean on an airplane but in my car and then onto the field. I'm assuming pelicans are too heavy but i'll chk them out also....thx
  6. kiwi


    Jan 1, 2008
    Auckland, NZ
    The Pelican with the wheels and the handle, 1550 I think is used widely as far as I can tell in the industry
  7. i use a tamrac case on wheels for my 300vr and D300 and hadn't considered a wheeled case for the 400 but it's a good idea considering the weight....thx Darren

    the 1550 doesn't appear to have wheels but you got me looking at their stuff...thx again
  8. For me: lens with hood attached (at all times!), off camera.
    I have the large Nikon cases for them, but I never use those on a routine basis. I would use these to transport the lenses in the car during an extended outing (vacation etc.).
  9. what case do you use for your lens with hood attached ?
  10. None. I put it on the car seat when I go out shooting and lug it over my shoulder with the lens strap when on location.
  11. that is funny because that is what I have been considering as I do the research.....
    I hate carrying a heavy bag...I have a great tamrac on wheels for my 300 but the 400 won't fit

    it might be best to just hook it all up and put it in the front seat....soemtimes the simply solution works best

  12. Nikkor AIS

    Nikkor AIS

    Jun 5, 2008
    Randy: I use the Lowe Pro 600. It's fits the my Nikkor 400 2.8 ED-IF AIS mounted on a D3/F4s. I keep the hood mounted on the len's for the most part. When driving I strap it in the passanger seat. God forbid, but if I ever rolled the car I shudder to think of the this Nikkor and body loose in the car. That being said, I often drive with a long Telephoto in my lap while hunting for wildlife on country roads. So I guess it's a balencing act. If you dont have the camera ready to go , often times your subject will fly/run away.
    Im looking into one of those beach carts start hauling around more than one big glass at a time, and/or other camera bags, tripod.

  13. I use a Tamrac 694 Big Wheels Rolling StrongBox to carry my 200-400 along with most of my other gear. It is "perfect" for me as I hate saying "it's at home"!

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  16. Oh by the way...there is 2 versions of this bag. One has what looks like roller blade wheels and the other has a had plastic treaded wheel. The roller blade wheel was discontinued because it would bounce and cause even more tip overs! You want the plastic treaded wheel! And don't worry about wear. Look closely at this pic...these wheels have many, many miles on them!

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  17. My perfect bag for the 300mm VR would be one that is: lightweight, could carry with lens hood on, camera body on lens, able to carry a tripod attached, and is a backpack style with two shoulder straps. So far I haven't found one. But, I'm getting a lot out of this thread.

    If I could find a roller with large wheels I might consider one but most are for flat, hard terrain.

    Just learned about the "Lightware" bags, which I'm seriously considering even thought it is a shoulder bag.
  18. I keep the lenses in their original trunk cases until I arrive at location. Once there I attach the lens to a mono or tripod, then the camera body and last the hood (hoods, I hate that 2 peice hood on the 400 2.8).

  19. My Tamrac rolling strong box uses about a 4 inch wheel! Not only does this allow you roll over just about anything, the added ground clearance allows it to go through deep grass.
  20. mine doesn't want to fit in the case now w/ the lenscoat and hoodie on it and the new rrs foot...i need to see why
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