How good (or bad) are your eyes?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AFS, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. Honest question...I've found quite a few photographers I know have less than stellar vision, myself in particular. I'm only 16.5, but I've already got -2.5 in my left eye -2.75 in my right, and I'm going to have a MAJOR prescription change in the next week or so to at least -2.75 left -3.25 right I think. I will have a change just about every year by about .25-.5.
    My F3's VF and school have really reinforced this. Looking in the VF I can't read the shutter speed display in many cases with my right eye! My left does a lot better... and for MF, I really need it. Particularly on my D70.
    In fact I think I can place the blame entirely on my D70 :) whatever time it doesnt spend glued to my VF, it spends glued on teh computer screen.
    So how about you, how bad are your eyes?
  2. I must say I'm very proud to have a 20/20 perfect vision.
    Unfortunately, this computer screen will one day start to fry my vision.
  3. Harrison, my prescription is even more 'out there' than yours and my sight is going fast even though I'm still at a 'reasonable' age. I just bought some incredibly sharp, fast focusing lenses and let them do the work. I can see enough for composition but depend on the camera and the lens for the rest. Nikon does make diopters for the eye piece - some of them go up to + or - 3.0 I think. I bought myself a honkin' big 23" LCD monitor this year and it is VERY easy on the eyes. Special programs (LiquidSurf) also increase the size of the text when MS programs can't. I can see it in five years - my whole office wall will be one big monitor!! *LOL* Hey, we just make do with what we've got and keep on forging ahead.
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    Feb 22, 2005
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    I wouldn't worry much if I were you. Keep seeing the eye doc and rule out anything nasty. My eyes changed alot around that age, but by my mid-20's, they had stabilized, and over the years, have actually gotten a bit better. The worse thing I have had, eye-wise, was shingles which gave me a corneal lesion with scar tissue. Luckily, it healed completely. Now, all I have are floaters. I think my sight is pretty good, I can spot boats farther out on the horizon than people 1/2 my age. (Then again, I do have to back off abit to read....)
  5. I have good vision but my hearing is suffering a little.
  6. Funnily enough I am a left-eyed photographer and this is my weakest eye at - 2.75 diopter. However I do not find it a problem.

    Bob F.
  7. -7 in my left, -5.25 in my right. I wear contacts.
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