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How many of you have Focus problem w/ D2X ?

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by JerseyJay, Apr 25, 2005.

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  1. dan_m

    dan_m Guest

    D2X sent to Nikon service today

    Alas, I gave up trying to find settings that would help. I tried every lens I could get may hands on. My lenses are Sigma 12-24, Nikon 24-120VR, 105 2.8, and 80-400VR - all images were soft, with the exception of a few from the 105mm. Tried front- and back-focusing some images - didn't help. Went to Midwest Photo Exchange today and also tried 17-55 2.8 DX, 28-70 2.8 (DX)?, and 70-200 VR. Still all images very soft. AF-S, lock - OFF. Reminds me of my 1st Fuji S2 in which the sensor was slightly out of position. We'll see what Nikon has to say. I can't keep it like this. Wish me luck. I'll keep you posted.
    Dan M.
  2. JAM


    Apr 30, 2005
    Albuquerque, NM
    Based on this test image, with the 85mm f/1.4 at f/5.0, I'm persuaded that I don't have a back or front focus problem. I have not had a chance to thoroughly test the camera, which arrived yesterday - especially with any moving objects. Am I being too optimistic?

  3. John,

    Where can I get this chart ?
  4. JAM


    Apr 30, 2005
    Albuquerque, NM
  5. Jay,

    I don't want to be a wise ***, but look very carefully at the chart John posted. Your answer is right there. :D 


    Look for "focus test"

    I actually remember using this chart to test my D70 for backfocus. So far my D2X is working fine.

  6. Ron Anderson

    Ron Anderson Guest

    Hi all,

    After reading the results of this poll earlier today I wasn't even sure if I should answer the door when the FedEx driver arrived with my new D2x. After summoning the courage to do so, I found that mine does not exhibit a focusing problem. I'm pleased with what I have seen from it so far.

  7. Hi everyone

    I'd really like to order an X but reading of focus problems has me concerned. Maybe I'm spoiled by the 2H that is spot on 99% of the time. Just hate to play roulette with 5K. What's the history on Nikon's resolution of similar probs. Seem to remember a similar problem with the D70.
  8. JAM


    Apr 30, 2005
    Albuquerque, NM
    Re: Hi everyone

    Seems that every new camera has its problem de jour. If you recall, there were many reports of auto exposure problems with the D2H. People were sending theirs in by the truckload (according to the forums) to get a circuit card replaced, and with the D70, it was the backfocus phenomena.

    While I don't doubt for a minute that some are experiencing the moving object focus issue being reported with the D2X, I doubt its as widespread as the forums would have you believe.

    First of all, not all D2X (or D2H, or D70, etc.) owners bother to join a forum, and secondly, there is the tendency to not take the time to write "all is well" when your camera is functioning to specification. I'm certain that Nikon will correct any problems found with their flagship camera - they can't afford not to.
  9. Hi John

    Sorry if I seem to dwell, but causing me concern is the way Nikon handled the 2H problem. Dropped the price and offered the 2HS as a replacement/solution. Yes they did fix my 2H (meter, adj..) and returned from Melville quickly and did offer a firmware update. I think it might be wise to wait a few more months on the 2X (that is I'll do my best). My guess is that a firmware update is in the making.
  10. Ron Anderson

    Ron Anderson Guest

    I agree. It doesn't seem likely that 50% of the D2x cameras that Nikon has released to date could be faulty.

    Grant wrote
    The problems that resulted in Nikon Lowering the price and then discontinuing the D2h had more to do with the noise and IR characteristics. I don't think it really had anything to do with the exposure meter. People who had problems with their meters could send in the camera and get them fixed. Their resolution for the noise issue was a new camera (the D2hs).

  11. DMT

    DMT Guest

    The D2Hs was a hardware/firmware upgrade intended to precisely parallel the D2X body, as well as address some color and noise issues. The revised FPC (flexible printed circuit) was already being installed on late-model D2H bodies before the D2X/Hs rollout (a colored sticker on the box indicated the newer FPC). The D2H meter failures are a known issue that have never been formally addressed by Nikon (and probably won't be). My understanding is that even cameras out of warranty are usually fixed at no charge if they have this problem. I never did encounter this issue with either of my D2H cameras, but I've seen several that have.

    Meanwhile, a *very small* percentage of D2X bodies do have some AF problems. The D2X is an incredibly demanding camera that really amplifies everything good/bad in one's technique, lenses, composition, lighting, etc. If the D70 were a Honda Civic, the D2X would be a Formula One car. So, some of the problems I've seen (*not* all) posted on various forums look like technique issues to me. Some have postulated that the sheer number of relatively small pixels amplifies camera shake and I think there might be something to this. I have never been so challanged (or rewarded) by any camera, and I've shot with many, many different systems.

    For me, the D2X focuses faster and more accurately than any camera on the planet. Better than the D2H and the 1D Mark II, at least by my own testing. I'd expect the D2Hs to perform the same (haven't used it yet). Here's what my two bodies produced last weekend (out of about a thousand images, hardly any were soft):


  12. I agree with Paul, I am having awful problems with the 70-200VR. I plan on sending it in real soon so I can have it back before summer really starts.

    I am finding that focusing is a real problem unless of course it's the lens but I don't think so. The real test is I can try it on the S2 to see if it's the lens but I think it's the camera.
  13. DMT,

    From looking at your fantastic racing pictures, I would say I didn't see anything wrong with your X.
  14. I just got my D2X Friday, and wouldn't you know it.....thunderstorms all day on Saturday and into today. When the rain finally stopped for a few minutes, I ran out and tried a few shots of stationary birds in the yard. Back inside, I have to say I was disappointed at the soft focus I got. They looked sharp as a tack in the viewfinder. But I'm withholding an opinion until I try again under better light. Plus, I was cheating a little by using a 1.7x TC on the 600 f4 - something they say not to do. Some macro test shots I made inside with the 105 Micro look good.
  15. DMT

    DMT Guest

    Thanks Melissa. I've used both my bodies extensively in several real-world shooting situations so far and have been left shaking my head in disbelief. Subjects have included elephant seals, harbor seals, birds, surfing, mountain bike racing, motorsports and now studio work. In all action situations I've found I lose maybe 1% of my entire shoot due to camera AF errors, 3% to my own focus errors (tracking speed differentials, etc) and maybe another 1% to exposure errors (primarily from improper compensation on my part). In other words, out of every 100 shots I'll toss five due to technical problems. That's insanely good. Put a D1X back in my hands and I'll lose 20% easy, generally speaking. What this means is that editing for the best content is pretty demanding and requires ruthless culling of images with sub-par composition. Geez, nearly everything out of the D2X is just freaking amazing, technically speaking.

    Mastering this camera is really challenging and I'm just starting to get a handle on the basics. I was so comfortable with my D2h bodies it felt like l could shoot with them in my sleep; the D2X seems totally familiar yet demands wide-eyed attentiveness from me. Dozens of settings must be adjusted just right and shooting technique must be flawless. Any mistake is amplified and exposed (no pun intended).

    An example of an area I don't have a grip on yet is sharpening. My previous experience has been to sharpen less in the camera and more in Photoshop. I'm starting to think that's not the best approach with the CMOS sensor. I've been edging closer to shooting with sharpening set to "normal" and doing less of it in post; maybe I'm just not comfortable with the more aggressive PS settings required (compared to older Nikon DSLRs) when in-camera sharpening is low. Either way gives me tack-sharp images, but I'm starting to think it's better to do it in camera with the D2X. I dunno, it's like everything I've been comfortable with needs to be reassessed. It's not that anything's not working, it just works a little...different.

  16. dan_m

    dan_m Guest

    soft focus - not an MP artifact

    The point was made a few posts ago that the high number of pixels will amplify technique problems and show focus problems which would not appear on other cameras. I'm having problems following that logic, especially since the camera I replaced with the D2X was a 13.9 MP Kodak 14NX. I suspect that the sensor is not perfectly placed in the focus plane. The images look too good in the finder to look so soft in the flesh.
    Dan M.
  17. DMT

    DMT Guest

    The pixel pitch is larger on the Kodak than the D2X. I'm not suggesting that's the source of your softness, just that others have pointed out that 5.3 micron pixels crowded on an APS-sized sensor on the D2X might be more prone to blurring. At first I thought that concept didn't hold water, now I'm not so sure.

    Regardless, I have no softness issues with either of my D2X bodies due to pixel size, technique or AF problems (and I've tested several more that performed the same). There clearly is a problem with sharpness on *some* D2X bodies. Whether the D2X is inherently more prone to camera shake seems plausible, but isn't proven.
  18. Ordered mine today

    Fingers and credit cards crossed. Ritz and they threw in over night free. Not letting the D2H go just yet.
  19. nfoto

    nfoto Guest

    Three D2X bodies, no problems whatsoever. On the contrary, the sharpness of these images continue to amaze me.

    As I wrote in my web review on D2X, this camera will be merciless in exposing weak technique or lesser lenses. Othwerwise, give it the best lenses and get the corresponding superb results.
  20. My D2X is very slightly front focusing. The focus point just catches the back end of the DOF range when shooting with the 500/4 and TC14EII. I have tested this thoroughly, and compared it to my D2H, which focuses at the 1/3rd point of the DOF, as it should.
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