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How much space are you using?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by barriosa, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. My friends and family are always surprised to find out how much storage space I’m taking up on SmugMug, currently 24.2 GB. I, in turn, am surprised when they tell me they don’t use SmugMug or another photo hosting site. I opened my account up nearly two years ago after losing several years of digital images to a system crash. At the time I only used one external hard drive for my backup and that also failed. These days I back everything up to two external hard drives, periodic DVD backups, and of course, SmugMug. Out of general curiosity I pose two questions to you:

    1. How much space are you taking up on your web based photo hosting or backup service?

    2. How many backup levels are you currently employing?
  2. Every hard drive that I use for a purpose (currently 5 of them) has at least one identical hard drive that it is backed up to. My images drives have two identical copies and one of each of those is taken off site and returned for updating once a month.
    I use Smugmug as a hosting site only, not for image back up. I like to keep my originals in the RAW format.
    With the exception of the off site drives, all of my files are backed up every night.
  3. So if I’m reading this correctly you have 3 backup tiers including one off-site.

    I plan on building a server with RAID 1 to act as another backup level. As I learned two years ago any application can be recovered but photos are irreplaceable.
  4. Dave


    Feb 7, 2007
    Suwanee, GA
    Currently I have 2.16 GB of data on my imageevent site. It's not my primary backup as I have all of my pictures on my HD and the majority of them backed up on DVD. Once I get a desktop again I will begin backing them up to DVD more often and also have dual HD's to keep them on there as well.
  5. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    two duplicate external back-up usb 200 gig drives.
    quickly filling up (will cull some of those) I am a pack rat
    i have a gazillion double cd's and hate that system.

    pbase only has what i share.
    very low rez. thieves...grrrrr
  6. I was surprised to see that I am only using 1.5gb on SmugMug.

    I have been keeping my photos on my computer, with at least one full backup on an external hard drive. I am shooting all RAW and I am just about to the point that I need to start using an external hard drive for primary storage, and another for backups. I would like to keep a third off site.
  7. Lowolf


    Jan 26, 2006
    At the moment 4 Ext Hd and two servers which has copies of all my file to which both my Mac and windows computers can access. Plus burn to dual layer DVDs.
    at moment close to a terabyte available to me
  8. wbeem


    Feb 11, 2007
    Sanford, FL
    William Beem
    I keep the photos on both my iMac and MacBook Pro, and backup to a WD 500 GB USB external drive. I also post on Flickr, but I don't consider that a backup.

    Gale: Don't know about PBase, but Flickr does have a method to post your photos without anyone having the ability to download them. If they try, they just get a "spaceball.gif" file.
  9. I have several external backup drives (one attached to each computer, plus extras) and a NAS that I use primarily for easy sharing among the various computers. The Mac Pro has 4 internal hard drives, two of which are used specifically for image storage/backup (Aperture vault, storage of all incoming images straight from the CF card). I never did like putting my images on CDs or DVDs so stopped doing that a long time ago; I prefer the hard drive method. A couple of 500 GB external hard drives have everything on them, while others have backups for images, my iTunes files, etc. My Smugmug and PBase accounts are used primarily for image display and sharing, not for storage purposes.
  10. Commodorefirst

    Commodorefirst Admin/Moderator Administrator

    May 1, 2005
    Currently all Print photo images (15GB) are on the main hard drive, the second internal hard drive, and two external firewire HD, Plus on DVDR or CDR which are kept off site.

    All photos including non print images are kept on duplicate external fiewire Hard drives and DVDR discs. The are not on my main CPU drives due to size. (nearly 100GB of photos. I only have 4 mulitple copies of the processed print ready images, and three of all images.


  11. Of space I use on my HD, 390 gigs
    Of space I have for pictures, 64 Gigs of Jpegs and .PSD's (Panoramics)

    I back them up onto DVD, I don't bother backing them up online, though My host could easily fit it (250 gigs storage)
    Then again I store them right above my computer so if there ever is a fire. POOF! all gone!
  12. Currently I use 628MB on Pbase but only have a fraction of my images there. I use internal and external HD for storage.
  13. I don't use hosting sites as my primary backup. I'm not worried about their technical capabilities to provide a safe backup, just worried about "down the road" and what if the particular host goes under financially or gets bought out? Then who has control of my images?

    In my case I originally went with Smug and then switched over to Zenfolio (Smug was great, just preferred Zenfolio) and pretty pleased so far, but I'm just getting the site set up so not too many images yet. My stuff gets backed up at home on a homebuilt file server using Raid 5 and is currently running at about 470GB of available storage. I also have a second 240GB Raid 5 setup in my wifes computer as secondary storage and then we have a variety of systems including a new MacBook and various PC's all sharing file space over a gig-e network.

    I don't backup up to CD/DVD either and prefer the hard drive method due to convenience and cost. I'm hoping to shortly install a small NAS drive box that can deal with at least 4 or 5 SATA drives so that I can create another Raid 5 storage array of at least 2TB and that should do for at least the next year or two anyways! (grin) Just waiting for the cost of the bare NAS chassis' to drop a little more in price so I can build it for cheap.

    One thing I have seen for cheap storage that should work well for a lot of folks is these new dual drive NAS chassis' that could accomodate a couple of 750GB drives in a mirrored setup that would give you minimum 750GB of mirrored network attached storage with high speed read/write and they're pretty inexpensive now for a couple of those drives and the NAS case. You also keep it independent of any computer systems at home so it gives you maximum flexibility on any computer system changes you want to make without affecting your storage.

  14. I currently have 2 WD My Books external 1 Terra Byte hard drives. I keep a copy of my images on my computers HD and I back up all my Images onto the EHD's.

    I also burn a DVD with each folder, my folders are sequenced in order and I use the continuess file sequence on my camera so I never have duplicates.

    I shoot in RAW so I have both RAW and JPG (saved in a sub folder with in the main folder), I too have been burned buy a system crash and I lost quite a few of my photos.
  15. I plan on getting one of those Buffalo technologies NAS units someday. I understand you have multiple RAID options on them.

    I am surprised to see that no one else puts everything on SmugMug. After all you can secure your galleries and they offer unlimited storage space. And no I’m not a SmugMug salesman. I just like the convenience of their site.

    As I take more photos I think I’ll start putting more and more on CD or DVD starting with the original unedited images.
  16. Dave,

    I'm very interested in your setup.
    Are you using RAID?
    Where did you buy your eqipment?
    I'd like to do the same thing, but don't have the knowledge to acheive it.

    thanks, Greg
  17. Greg,
    I will PM you this evening on this.
  18. Here is a screen shot to give you some idea of my set up. I will explain in dtail this evening including the back up routine. If you click on the image and have good internet you will see a full size version that is easier to read.

  19. MontyDog


    Jan 30, 2005
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  20. Dave,
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