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How much would you charge

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dtbh, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. dtbh


    Mar 9, 2006
    I have been approached by a large imaging corporation to possibly use one of my photos for their advertising (which includes displays and handouts) at graphic arts and photographic trade shows. They want, in more or less their own words, "worldwide, perpetual, unrestricted right and license to use, reproduce, distribute, display, publish, modify and sublicense the photo in any manner and through any media whatsoever, including unrestricted use for purpose of publicity, advertising, sales and promotion". In return I am being offered a one-time royalty payment.

    My questions are :

    1. Have I signed over my copyright if I agree? (I am lousy at legal jargon)

    2. What would be a reasonable royalty payment? I do not want to undercut the industrial norms and neither do I want to be too greedy. To be honest the fact that they have interest in my photo is satisfaction enough.

    Any advice to help me go through the deal will be very much appreciated.

    Thanks a million!
  2. cotdt


    Jul 14, 2007
    Bay Area, USA
    You might as well try to milk them for all the money you can get.
  3. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Well for what they want...
    I would get all you can or don't do it.

    I don't know the amount for something like this.
    But to give up the owner ship of the image.
    They should be prepared to pay alot
  4. bob swanson

    bob swanson Guest

    :cool: Congrat's. First of all will you get photo credit? Is the image exclusive enough that it is important to you to lose? They probably have a scale for compensation if they are an international image company. Will you lose any rights to the image? Do you need/want the money?
    Just some thoughts to ponder. www.bsvirginian.smugmug.com
  5. VoidRaven


    Jul 13, 2006
    Lagrange, OH
    I have no experience in this what so ever but from reading your post and what they are asking for I would say that at least a couple thousand dollars sounds to be a good starting point. They want complete and total unrestricted use FOREVER to use your image ALONG with the ability to alter it in any way they see fit.

    And they could sublicense it to someone else making them money off of your image.

    I know there are lots of photogs here who will be able to help out but if it were me I would probably start my thought process around $1,500 to $2,000....if not maybe a little higher.

    But maybe I'm crazy....that's possible too!
  6. SteveK


    Mar 16, 2005
    Well, let me put it this way. I've sold images for as much as $10,000 for advertising use, and I retained the images and their copyright; I only sold the use for a given period of time. I would not sell all rights to an image for less than $15,000. I have some images that have earned over $35,000 over several years time. If the image is special enough that they want to buy all rights, then it should be special enough for them to pay a fair price.
  7. Hesperus

    Hesperus Guest

    Being an imaging company they are surely very savvy in relation to images... so they know the value or comparable value of other images. Have they trawled your images and do they believe they can purchase it cheaply and make on the sublicence? You could sound them out by playing innocent and asking 'what is the going rate' and determining their level of interest by the reply. I think SteveK's last sentence sums it up nicely!
  8. These kinds of questions come up a lot, from different ends of the spectrum or buyers. My Question is where is the best place to get info to help figure out how much to charge for an image. Is there a book that outlines this for Magazine sales to Advertising sales? Or is this just something most people keep to them selfs and you learn as you go?
  9. whyhan


    Jun 14, 2006
    SF Bay Area
    Care to show us this pic? :smile:
  10. dtbh


    Mar 9, 2006
    That was my first reaction but I have to be realistic. :biggrin: Thanks.

    Thanks Gale. The question as in #1 is whether I would have signed away my ownership by the way they worded the agreement.

    Thanks for your thoughts Bob.

    :biggrin::biggrin: Thanks for contributing your thoughts. That is worth considering.

    Wow, that high eh? :cool:  I don't know about my case as I am sure they will be other photos they will be displaying to advertise their wares. Thanks for your input, Steve.

    Thanks for the advice. Appreciate it.

    These info are all over the place but I couldn't find one that is similar to mine (yet). Hence I have to fall be to depend on the Cafe for help.

    Thanks for the links...will look into that.

    Yes, in due time once the deal is on. :biggrin:
  11. Do not undersell yourself. Giving all rights (and that is what they want) is beyond normal advertising use. Steve K is right on with this one. I know other photographers who say to quote numbers even twice as high as Steve mentioned, when someone wants all rights to a photo.

    Ask for the world, all they can do is talk you down. You won't be able to negotiate upward.
  12. 1. No. You are selling them non-exclusive rights to use it forever.

    2. Ask for $15,000. If you get it you'll be happy. If they don't take the deal you have the satisfaction of knowing they wanted it but were just too cheap and stupid to pay you a reasonable sum that was $15,000 more than you wanted in the first place.

    These deals fall through ALL the time and 90% of the time it has nothing to do with you.
  13. dtbh


    Mar 9, 2006
    Thanks Matt and Woody. Input much appreciated.

    I have come to a decision. As I am negotiating from the so-called position of strength i.e they came to me and I don't need the money (esp if it is a measly sum :biggrin:)  I have decided that I am not going to sell myself cheap. If they pay for it will be nice but if they don't (like Woody said) I still get the satisfaction that they wanted it in the first place. Looks like I am in a no-loss situation. :biggrin:

    Thank you so much for all the inputs and advice. You guys are great! :cool: 
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