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How to catch a fox??

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Matt S, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. Ok I have this fox in my neighborhood. No, not the human kind (my wife excluded:Wink: ). Anyway I have seen him twice in the last few months, the second time I saw him (last night) he was only 100 feet from where I saw him the first time. I really want to photograph him but hanging around on a stake out in a strangers front or back yard with my camera and telephoto lens seems like a recipe for disaster:eek:  . Now I only live a few blocks away myself, so how do I lure him in. I am not exited about bait (ethical issues aside) as my and all my neighbors dogs would certianly come to investigate before I ever saw the fox. I should note that while the area I live in is a developed neighborhood we butt up to a fair amount of undeveloped land on one side and a wildlife refuge on the other. So I could set up a blind etc. in a natural setting. I am now officially rambling on so ........ Thanks in advance.
  2. Matt
    A simple "dying rabbit" call will bring him running and a spotlight(will require a helper) will show him. If you like I will send you the call to use, send it back with a picture.
  3. PGB


    Jan 25, 2005
    I agree, a dying rabbit call would probably work just fine.
  4. Wow that fast responce. A preditor call, I should have known. Now that I think about it I read an old (70's era) feild and stream article where the photographer did just that to lure in a lynx. No need to send one. I can pick one up locally, or I know quite a few hunters who might have one I can borrow. But thanks for the offer. I will post any results.
    How loud are these calls. I need to consider the good neighbor factor as well. No need to scare the kids. If they are loud I can relocate somewhat to get away from other homes but I don't know how far this guy ranges from where I have seen him. Also should I set up the call a bit away from where I will shoot or bring him right to me. And finally do you think it must be at night? I have seen him once in daytime and once just past sunset. I guess there is only one way to find out!!
  5. matt
    it is definately more effective at night but will sometimes work it daylight. depends how hungry they are. Do not wory about disturbing neigbors, not a noise most will worry with.
    I have been very successful hunting them this way, have not yet tried it for photos but based on this thread i will.
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