How to get a high quality direct link from pBase

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by Uncle Frank, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. Note: I posted this on the Rules, "FAQ's", and Announcements forum a while back, but it might be more helpful here.

    I've been a pBase supporter for years, and love what Slug and Emily have done with the site. OK, they have
    occasional outages, and don't communicate with the customers very well... but it's very much like the Nikon
    Cafe... a site for photographers designed and run by photographers! Using pBase for direct linking can be a little
    quirky, so if you want to present your pictures accurately, follow these rules.

    1. Convert your pictures to sRGB before you upload them to pBase. PBase's software doesn't speak
    AdobeRGB, and if you use it, will misinterpret the colors and deal a fatal blow to your image's quality.

    2. The only good version of your picture that pBase will present is the "original" size you uploaded.
    If you make any other selection, pBase will use a funky (and destructive) algorithm to downsize your masterpiece..

    Note: if your picture is greater than 800 pixels on its longest side, pBase will automatically downsize when you
    direct link it... even if you copy the address of the original size picture. The only way to circimvent this "logic"
    is to include the term "original" in your link.

    Here's a 950 pixel image, linked by using
    which is the address of the original upload. But if you check its properties, you'll see that pBase has squished
    it (a technical term) to 800 pixels on its longest side :(.


    Now here's the same image, linked by using

    View attachment 7059

    So, if you want to present your pBase gallery pictures with all of the color, contrast, and crispness you worked
    so hard to achieve, remember to convert to sRGB and to only link your original uploads.
  2. Another View

    Okay, Frank, there's another side to this too. I'm a PBase fan too, but if you upload originals solely you'll quickly exceed your storage space. I've taken just the opposite approach. Upload an image no larger than 100KB and you'll be able to store more images. If somebody really needs an original you can email it to them. Guess my practical side prevails. sRGB has its limits too so just saving larger images still won't give you all the human eye can see.

    aka beaucamera
  3. Re: Another View

    Sorry I confused you, Virginia. The "original" I referred to is the edited and resized image as originally uploaded,
    not the full sized capture. I generally upload pictures between 750 pixels and 900 pixels on their longest side, and
    try to keep file sizes down to <150kb. But I always take care to keep pbase from shrinking them further.
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