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How to hook a laptop to a TV

Discussion in 'PC/Windows/Linux' started by fielddad, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. I have been scanning some old photos of my inlaws for their 50th wedding ana coming up and I will have to show them on an TV at their church.What type of connection/cable/etc. will I have to use.I know IQ wont be the best but nither are some of these 50+ year old pics.
  2. what computer?
    do you have a DVI to S-Video cable?
    that is how it's USUALLY done

    DVI... OUT from your computer to an S-Video... IN
  3. this is the DVI end look:
  4. If the TV is reasonably recent, it will have a VGA input (and also a sound input compatible with PC audio), so all you need is a VGA cable and optionally one of those audio cable with thin jacks. If your laptop and the TV support it, you may also be using an HDMI cable, which takes care of both the image and sound.

    If the TV is older, and won't accept anything else than S-video (the DIN connector) or Composite Video (the yellow RCA cable), you'll have to make sure that your laptop has a video-out option and bring the corresponding cable (which you can borrow from a VCR, etc...)
  5. I have a Dell Latitude d620 ,it doesn't have an s-v port ,looks like just a place to hook up a regular monitor?
  6. This is the back of my dell
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  7. sorry, but that image doesn't post here
    we'd love to see the back of your dell
  8. DSC_0044.png
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  9. jerry....
    are you trying to upload an image from your computer?
    that image MUST be linked from some site
    like smugmug or pbase to be seen here

    you can email it to me and i'll post it for you

  10. spalding
    the pic is showing on my cafe,but i sent you a email
  11. if it is showing on YOUR cafe... then you have it LOCKED or PASSWORD PROTECTED and you are logged in and we are not
    i'll check my e.mail
  12. here it is:

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  13. isn't that a VGA connector?
    i hope that someone else will know
  14. Yes, that's a VGA connector (deep blue one on the right). Get a VGA cable to hook your laptop up to an external monitor and hopefully the TV is recent enough and has such an input, and thus can serve as an external monitor. Then use your laptop command to display on an external monitor (i.e. Function 7 on many laptops). You may have to adjust the resolution to match that of the TV: right-click on the desktop, properties and settings.
  15. Thanks again from a true rookie who is trying to learn from some great people that like to help.:smile:
  16. isayx3


    Apr 12, 2008
    Corona, Ca
    TV's do not have VGA inputs...some older HDTV sets like RCA did, but for the most part that never caught on. The newer HD sets is digital...with HDMI..some will have DVI but even that has been phased out.

    Easiest way is get a projector or just burn the imagse to a Video CD or DVD and just bring a dvd player. Or borrow someones laptop that has s-video out...most of them do. Even my old laptop from 6 years ago had a svideo out..so I think it might be easy to track one down.
  17. Dell Latitude D620 switches between internal external monitors using Fn F8.
  18. As I said, if the laptop has HDMI (this one does not), it's the way to go. You'd be surprised how many TVs actually have a VGA port (they call it PC format input). It's used all the time for people using an HDTV instead of a projector in their conference room. After all, a big flat screen is just a very large widescreen monitor with some other goodies thrown in! :wink: Even recent TVs with HDMI connectors still sport the VGA connector as well. Sony is one such example...
  19. senna


    Jan 6, 2007
    San Jose Ca.
    My recent samsung HDTV has a VGA input, I use it exactly as Phillip explaned. As an external monitor with a vga cable.
  20. isayx3


    Apr 12, 2008
    Corona, Ca
    I stand corrected...i see that a lot of the newer TV also include VGA ports. If you do go this route then just remember to change the resolution to match that ov the display.
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