How would I achieve the following PC setup?

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  1. I am currently running on an Apple Powerbook laptop and suffice to say it can hardly handle heavy post processing. I have come to decide that I will be buying a PC solely for the purpose of image editing (and maybe listening to music and watch DVDs). Now, I want to keep all my photos in a physical (no Flikr or the likes) remote location separate from the computeres but to which both the PC and my laptop can get access.
    I have no idea how this would work. Purpose an external HDD that's connected to the home network? Does such thing exist? What are my options?

    Thank you for your time!
  2. That's an ingenious solution. Thanks for your help.
  3. Do not buy the D-Link DNS-120 if you want to move large amounts of data and time is an issue. It is horribly slow. I've tried 2 of them and while they work, they seem to be about as fast as USB 1.1 over wired or wireless.
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    I like custom storage solutions or... fancier commercial stuff for that. Mostly because if you aren't careful you end up degrading your net (as in final, as in counting gains and lossse) I/O when you use FastEthernet compared to direct disk access.

    Short answer: it tends to be much slower than doing it locally.

    Advantage is simplistic design for backups. You can afford to go a bit slower on backups. For editing... forget about it.

    Gigabit Ethernet is difficult to maximize since you tend to blow the PCI bus's limits really fast. Both sides will need very fast buses to take full advantage of Gigabit Ethernet.
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