How would you light this setup.

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  1. Ok guys how would you go about lighting this setup.

    Im using 3 speed lights and they are causing hot spots, as you can see in the last shot of the orange balloon there is 3 hotspots and shadows on the other balloon shots that I’ve posted in the ‘Abstract’ forum.

    I’ve just got 2 white umbrellas last week & placed them at 45* angle to the balloon and still getting uneven lighting.

    Any advise would be appreciated even if I have to purchase extra gear.

  2. Cima2oo7


    Aug 11, 2007
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    Maybe a stripbox would help to even out the light?
    DIY Stripbox for Speedlights - is something I found on a quick search. I should say that Im completely new to off camera lighting so its just an idea. I am interested to see what other solutions the members here come up with.
  3. Thanks for your reply Mark
  4. Since the surface of the balloon is somewhat reflective I am seeing each of your lights as highlights. Possibly moving the flashes very close would enable their outputs to overlap and provide more uniform illumination. If you are using your umbrellas in shoot-through mode I think reflective may give softer lighting. The camera flash will be harder to get soft enough, so you might try disabling it and going with just the two off-camera flashes.
  5. GlenmorangieSmall-L.
    Those flashes are pretty close unless you have them dialed way down. Assuming you don't have a ton of light modifiers handy. I would set up white panels between the camera and the balloon and shoot the flashes backwards into the white panels. Should get less hot spots and a nicer catchlight.
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