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Discussion in 'PC/Windows/Linux' started by EdMac, May 11, 2007.

  1. I just had my old laptop die, and I bought a new HP 9339 laptop wit a 200 gig HD and 2 gig of RAM. I am going to try and stick with Photoshop CS3 Bridge CS3 and Capture NX. So far everything is running fine under Vista Home Premium. Does anyone else have this configuration? If you do, how is it behaving?:redface:
  2. jaymc

    jaymc Guest

    don't know of a hp 9339, sure it isn't a hp 9330?

    Anyway, I've got an hp dv6275us with Adobe CS2 and Capture NX using Vista Home Premium and it works great. Don't see a need to go to CS3.

    - Jay
  3. Hi Jay,
    I am sure that it is a HP 9339. I bought it at Circuit City. As far as CS#, it has a couple of new enhancements like a much improved selection tool. Bridge and Camera Raw have beeen greatly improved, as well. I already had it, so it was a no brainer in my case.
    One additional thing. I was using a Verizon deband card in the PCMCIA slot, whenever I was at my summer place or traveling. The new machine does not have a PCMCIA slot. It now has an ExpressCard slot, and my old card would not work. I was lucky enough to get Verizon to swap it for a new Rev A card which is much faster.:smile:
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