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Hudson, MA Ballon festival (my shots) - evening shots added

Discussion in 'Miscellany' started by BostonRott, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Had a great morning, got to meet Chris (Aqualung) and Kriss! :biggrin: Hopefully I'll see them again this evening for the glow at dusk.

    Filling the balloon
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    An inside view
    View attachment 237806

    Heating it up
    View attachment 237807

    Inside the rainbow balloon (my favorite one, just LOVE its colors)

    View attachment 237808

    Field of color
    View attachment 237809
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  2. nice shots, gretchen
    i'm so happy to see these
    glad the weather cooperated.... so often it does NOT
  3. It started off foggy/overcast, but the sun did come out, and its been a pretty nice day. Weather forecasts make it seem that it should hold for the glow too! :biggrin: I've got a pizza dough rising, and we'll take a home-made pizza picnic along to enjoy.
  4. home-made pizza and a sunset balloon liftoff..... wow...
    great combo
    wish i still lived in SHARON..... where i was, many years ago

    have a great night
    i can't wait to see the images
  5. I like the shot inside the balloon. For me though, the others are lacking something. I think it's maybe contrast and vibrance/saturation as well as sharpness. I think this may be more post processing than anything. Still dig the inside shot, though even it seems to lack a bit of sharpness. Did your lens fog up any with the humidity?
  6. Leigh


    Feb 19, 2005
    I love these, Gretchen. And I am with you...the rainbow balloon is the greatest! So beautiful.
    Great minds think alike! We're having homemade pizza tonight as well!
  7. yum, sounds good. Nicely done Gretchen, nice composition.
  8. Hi,

    No, no fogged lens. :redface: I have viewed these (after your comments) on two monitors here, one is calibrated, and one is not. One tends to show me things as more washed out, and even on that one, they don't look bad.

    The copyrights look poor, I was experimenting with them (and have decided they didn't come out right). I see some softness in few (probably due to low shutter speeds), but the colors look pretty solid to me.

    I hope everyone isn't seeing them as poorly as you, I'd hate to think that I had them adjusted well but the world is seeing them through a fog. :frown:
  9. Ok, does this look better?? I added more sharpening and brought up the dark slider in levels.


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    View attachment 237811
  10. oooooooooo
    that adjusted one is even better
    thanks for adding it here, gretchen
  11. I went back and added a minor levels adjustment and more sharpening to all photos, hopefully they look better now! :redface:
  12. Here are two from this evening (we went back, it's only about 30 min away). :smile:

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    View attachment 237813
  13. they DO look better, quite frankly
    of course, it's possible that the way you ORIGINALLY posted them was more accurate....
  14. LOVE the evening shots.... especially that second one
    thanks for taking the time to add them tonight
  15. ah, you were able to get that reflection shot, very nice. Neat night shot, too. I wasn't able to get back, unfortunately....
  16. hey Gretchen, I understand you met Rich last night, he wanted me to post a link to his shots...
  17. Gretchen, those look 100% better IMHO, and was exactly what I had in mind in my critique (maybe just a very tiny bit oversharpened now). I hope said critique wasn't taken the wrong way. I just felt that the way the images were originally posted did not match up to the image quality the D3 is known for. In fact, they almost had a point and shoot cam look to them. MUCH better now. BTW, which lens did you use for the balloon flight over the water? Was it the 10.5 or was it the 14-24/2.8? The upper left balloon is a bit distorted, which takes away from the image a little for me. That's probably a rather easy correction in photoshop. Nice shots. Love the night time shot. I wish I lived near a place that had balloon festivals like Albaquerque, NM.
  18. Hi Gretchen. I just got some of my shots sorted out. I haven't edited them or resized them but I did post them on my Mac Gallery,http://gallery.me.com/nikondslr300#100036
    (gotta love Macs).
    PS:Chris, hope you don't mind but you're in there too. ;-)
  19. hey Kriss, some nice looking shots...NP on my entry :wink:
  20. Thanks Chris. I have resized some of them and perhaps I'll post a new message with them.
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