Human Retouching


Robin Roddy

Well, he is good...

He's definitely talented. For me, though, many of the pictures seem overdone -- like he went jusssst far enough to finish the retouch, and then went an extra step. The skin tones seem a bit oversaturated, and the skin has been smoothed to the point where it almost looks like a painting and not a photograph. In particular, I think this picture ( ) seems almost inhuman, like a cross between an illustration and a photo. is another example, I think.

I understand that this is glamour/magazine/fashion retouching, and is a bit more in-your-face and heavy-handed than your average retouch, so I think some of my objection is with the genre as a whole as opposed to Mr. Feron's work.

Mr. Feron's work definitely illustrates the kinds of things that are possible with a talented hand.
May 3, 2005
Wasilla, Alaska
Ya but it hurts to realize that those women are not quite as hot in reality. Did you notice how he increased the size of both the Uhhggmmm... bottoms and tops of those lovely women. :Whistle:
Mar 11, 2005
SF Bay Area, California
Augmentations and Reductions

The augmentations and reductions in body parts in Feron's portfolio seem to go a beyond the scope of what is typically thought of retouching where the original image remains more or less intact. Breast augmentations and thigh reductions etc. may improve the image, but if you are looking for reality you won't find it in his work. Yet you have to grant him this. His portfolio is impressive and he probably makes a lot of money doing this because everybody likes to look better (eg. sexier) than they really are.

aka beaucamera


To be honest, I think most of his retouching work doesn't make the subject any better or sexier. It actually kind of disgusting how much he augments women's certain body parts to make them bigger...that's really not natural.

I thought retouching was smoothing out skin tones and blending out blemishes? Since when did retouching mean changing a woman's physique?
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