Hummer rescue....;-)

Jan 25, 2005
No pictures here, but I felt so good about this little story, that I wanted to share it. A couple of months ago I put up a couple of hummingbird feeders. They are in front of our house, around the corner from our garage doors. I had read the warning about these little guys getting into the garage, and not being able to figure out how to get out.

Yesterday Janie was unloading groceries, and the unfortunate happened. When I got home from shooting a couple of hours later, I asked if she knew that there was a hummer trapped in the garage, and she said yes, but we didn't know what to do.

We opened all of the doors, and checked every few minutes, but no luck. We were sure that the little guy was doomed. Late last night, when I went out to check (he had been in there for about 12 hours by then), I noticed that he had lit on a wire hanging from the ceiling, and seemed to be dozing off. I turned out all of the lights except a flashlight, got a ladder, and climbed up a very gently plucked him up, and carried him outside and set him down. He screamed bloody murder while I was carrying him, but he flew off, seemingly unharmed. Today there were hummers all over the feeders. Janie and I both hope he was one of them. :smile:

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