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*Hummer shots, getting right exposure*

Discussion in 'Birds' started by coffee, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. I took these hummer shots this summer in AZ, and for the #1,it was way overexposed.
    I was shooting other hummer in a shade area and then I noticed another hummer nearby
    and he was in a less shade area. I didn't change iso setting and the result was overexposed.
    But PS recovered amazing details from the overexposed image.
    It may look a bit underexposed but histogram shows it's still on the right side.
    Highlite was on both sides of the shoulder area of the bird.

    I posted #2 before and though it was originally underexposed I corrected the exposure with PS.
    But it still somehow looked underexposed and I just wanted to change the exposure of the bird
    but not much of the background. So, I tried NX2 and used "shadow protection". To my surprise,
    it brought up the exposure of the bird nicely.

    I'm not sure if I posted the last one before but probably not. Among many hummer shots I took,
    Lucifer was the least number of shots I got. Probably less than 5 shots. I really didn't think
    I would be able to see/photograph this hummer but on the 3rd day, they briefly showed up.
    The feeder was guarded by notorious Rufous (#2) and
    that's the reason why I didn't get to see Lucifer often.

    C&C are welcome.


    immature male Magnificent Hummingbird
    at 420mm,1/100s,f/8, iso 1600
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    Rufous Hummingbird
    at 420mm, 1/200s, f/8, iso 1250
    View attachment 254353

    Lucifer Hummingbird
    at 420mm,1/250s,f/11,iso 250
    View attachment 254354


    Nov 16, 2007
    Forney, Texas

    These are all great shots but I must say #3......WOW!!
  3. Bolts


    May 7, 2007
    Tampa, Florida
    Geez, I need to get out to California to shoot birds more often! These are lovely birds and very nicely shot. Couldn't figure out for the second shot why I couldn't see his wings beating, then I noticed he's sitting down, Doh!
  4. LindaP


    Nov 16, 2007
    Iowa, USA
    Beautiful! I really like the color of the 2nd one.
  5. BirdLady


    Jan 8, 2006
    Beautiful series, Hide!
  6. Thanks,Bigbear. When they finally showed up,I was hoping that
    the Rufous wouldn't come back to chase the Lucifer away.
    BTW, are you o.k from the hurricane?

    I took all the sots in AZ but we have some year-round hummers in CA.

    Thanks for looking.

    Thank you, Linda.
  7. LindaP


    Nov 16, 2007
    Iowa, USA
    Had to come look at these again. So, is the background in the 3d one the one that you had blown up at Office Max?
  8. No,that is an oil paiting. I wanted a single color or two for the
    backdrop and I wanted to make it look smooth. My backdrop
    print looks like a nice studio type backdrop but when you use it
    as the background for your hummer shot,only a small part of it
    get used and your lens will produce a nice bokeh.

    My technique is that I use a bit uneven color even if I use the same color.
    This way, you'll see some slight dark color and bright color,making it a bit
    more natural. If I go for an obvious background like I did on #3,I make sure
    that the color of the background will help pop the hummer image. In this
    case, the more bright color the hummer has the better it is.

    You experiment your flower shot or something with PS and use Gaussian
    blur to see how it looks.

    Here's a shot with my print backdrop.

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  9. Beautiful series on these hummers Hide.

    I'm getting an opportunity to shoot some exotic hummers next month. Hope I can come home with some keepers.
  10. Thank you, mao. Where are you going to shoot huumers? Are you going
    to S. America? I'm sure you'll come home with some amazing shots.
    I'm looking forward to see them.


    Nov 16, 2007
    Forney, Texas

    Dallas did not get hit bad, we didnt even get much rain. Galvaston on the other hand is pretty much gone. Do you have the paintings behind the birds when you shoot or are you putting the painting back there in photoshop or something?? Again I love all the pictures you post on here!!
  12. I'm glad to hear you're o.k. It's very strange that media coverage of Hurricane
    Ike is minimum to say the least.

    In #3 I used an oil painting and I almost always use a backdrop for my flash
    shots. The hummer shot I posted for my reply to Linda,I used a printed background that I created with PS.
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