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Huntsville get-together: tripod help please

Discussion in 'Special Sessions, Events, and Tour Announcements' started by Frits, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. This is a question for the folks attending the Huntsville get-together next week.

    Would one of the locals attending have a spare tripod that I could borrow?

    Reason: I have a short connect when changing planes in Toronto. If I have checked luggage I fear that I won't have enough time, especially because I need to go through the Customs routine in Toronto. This is why I am now contemplating to have cabin luggage only: One bag with clothing & stuff and a camera bag (LowePro Mini-Trekker). I'll probably be OK, but I am quite sure that I will not be allowed to have a tripod or monopod in my cabin luggage.

    Aarrgghhh, I wish I could just drive down instead...
  2. I have a smallish Velbon which will do in a pinch. I take it with me on trips to Europe because it packs small and is light. You're welcome to it. It has an Acratech head on it as well.

  3. Rich looks to have solved your issue and I am sure there will be others that can help as well. I will have a couple of tripods along but only one ball head.
  4. Thanks guys, you are the greatest.
    This already seals the deal that I'll go with my plan.

    I really regret this though, since I recently upgraded my tripod for an absolute beauty with a tank solid ball head. I'd have loved to have it with me...:frown:
  5. I will be bringing the Gitzo 1348 and the Fiesol CT3471, both very heavy duty. I use my wimberly on the Fiesol but if you bring your ball head you can use that one on Saturday. I will be leaving early Sunday am but even at that I could leave it and have someone ship it back to me when you are done.
    What ever you need, we will get it.
  6. Thanks again Dave!
    I am wary to bring my ball head. It is a tank-solid hunk that weighs 3 pounds, I doubt that it would be allowed as hand luggage.
    Come to think of it though, I have a smaller one on my monopod. A Bogen/Manfrotto for which I have plates for the camera and 300mm. Although it is a small ball head, it'll do. I'll bring it.
  7. Frits, I imagine there will be some spare gear around. Don't sweat it, just check with me. Hopefully I or someone will have something that will work.

    If not we can always go play golf and rent some clubs.
    :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  8. Frits, just go with what you can and I can almost guarantee that someone will have something you can use! I ain't taken no excuses from ya for not having a few million photos to post either! LOL! :wink: :biggrin:
  9. In any case I'll bring the Velbon and Acratech ball head just in case.

  10. Much appreciated Rich, thanks so much!
  11. DoorMan

    DoorMan Guest

    Frits I am driving and will have a couple of Gitzo's, a 1228 and 1325. I use the Wimbley on the 1325 and have a ball head on the 1228. You are welcome to use one of these. I am sure there will be plenty of equipment there.
  12. Another offer here: I've got the Wimberley on the Gitzo 1325 and also a RRS BH-55 on a second Gitzo 1325, so you'd be welcome to use one of those, as obviously I cannot use two tripods simultaneously! Also have a Gitzo monopod with a Wimberley C-10 clamp on it and a mni-tripod with the RRS BH-40.....
  13. Thanks again all for helping me out :smile:
  14. Frits, do you really thing we're gonna let you find an EXCUSE for not taking a ton of photos?! Hmmmm? Well, you better have plenty of battery, memory, and better not break that shutter finger! LOL I sincerely hope you have a wondeful and safe trip to AL!
  15. I just want to say "Thank You" again to Dave Watts and Patrick for lending me your tripods. Combined with the little ball head that I brought (from my monopod, which takes the plates I had on my body and 300mm), I was all set to get some pictures over the weekend.
  16. my pleasure Frits!
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