I am continually amazed at the technology of

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  1. digital hardware today. . . . the first eagle was shot at a great distance and heavily cropped. . .note the drips of water off his tail feathers.


    And, more crop

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    Again, shoot from a great distance under cloudy skys and yet the image is sharp (to me at least) and even shows some detail in the far wing.

    View attachment 103828

    Now this is a very dirty little Eagle!

    View attachment 103829
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  2. Jerry, I think this goes to show the Sigma 500 is a great lens and you have very good technique as well. Well done.
  3. Goes to show the lens quality as well as the body
  4. Nice job. I'd be happy with these results if I had a 500. Hmmmmm, let me go check the 4sale forum! lol
  5. thanks Jim. . . I went through a period a couple weeks ago where all of a sudden many of my images were not sharp.. . discovered I have become rather lazy and was not following the Long Lens Technique rules. . . if you forget them you will not have sharp images.

    yes, I am happy with the sigma 500 HSM. . .I also think this lens is particularily sharp.

    I shot these with the 50 1.8. :)
  6. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    nice shots
    The juvinile Eagle is really nice
  7. Pretty good and I would say your last one is the best but not dirty but maybe about 4 to 4 1/2 uears old and laking full white plumage. OK so now you need to get the 800:wink::wink:
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