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I am now a member of the 70-200VR Club

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by FoyGroup, May 9, 2007.

  1. I am now the proud owner of a brand new 70-200VR. It all started innocent enough. I only asked in the general forum for locations of camera stores in the area. I wasn’t gonna buy anything, I was just gonna look. Really…..

    At Laura's suggestion, I went to Service Photo. Nice size store, looks like a hole in the wall from outside, Great selection of everything and nice sales staff. I was real interested in the 70-200vr, but they said it was out of stock and did not know when it would come in. Whewwwww!!!!

    Karen suggests Penn Photo, so Yesterday, I went to Coopers just up the road from Service Photo in Greenspring Station (Towson MD). Coopers was recently bought out by Penn Photo and they are now a Penn store under the Coopers name.

    This is a tiny store, barley any room to move around. I spoke to Bob there who is their resident Nikon guy. Told him I was interested in the 70-200vr, but I know it is sold out everywhere. To my surprise, he pulled one out of the case ready to go. :eek: 

    Hmmmm.... now what? I know, I asked his price for it, but it was about $100 more then I could get it from B&H, so I could walk away, right. NOT.... He said hold on, let me check online at B&H, a few minutes later, he came back and matched the price. Is that angels singing in the background? ….. Hmmmm :Angel:

    Needless to say, I am now the proud owner of a 70-200vr. This is one cool piece of glass. Now to get it home and tell my wife of my good fortune…… I waited till later to properly introduce my wife to my new child. Dinners finished, kids are in bed…. Here we go. Wait for it, Wait for it. “Now you can take really sharp pictures on Mothers day.” Hmmm... That worked too easy. I wonder what she has in mind for Mother’s day if that was her response.

    We already have plans for her on Mother’s Day before Gale jumps in on me. She will be just as surprised, and we will have pictures.:smile:

    I can't wait till I get off work later to try it out.
  2. Congratulations Bill. I think you may has caught NAS (Nikon Acquisition Sickness). It's a great lens; have fun.

  3. RexRoy


    Jan 4, 2006
    New York
  4. Hi Bill!

    Congrats on getting the new 70-200 VR lens! And glad you checked out Service Photo on my recommendation. I bought my used 70-200 at Service Photo and it had 3 years of warranty left on it. Love the lens (and hate it at other times)

    Have you found a decent camera shoulder bag that can house the 70-200 as the biggest lens owned? I'm thinking about selling off my Lowe Slingshot AW 200 and looking for a better bag to house 2-3-4 lens plus other accessories.

  5. Laura, thanks for the recommendation. If it wern't for you, I would have kept going by that store. So, I can blame you for all my future expenditures. Maybe I will see you there.

    No, I am still looking for a bag. I have several smaller bags, but I want to carry the 70-200 and at least three others. I also carry a couple flashes, flash brackets, and monopod. I am still undecided about what to do with all the filters. I may just create a bag just for the filters. I am not familiar with the Slingshot, I will have to check it out.

    Thanks again.

  6. Can confirm that the Slingshot 300 Aw is the job for the 70-200 attached to the camera. Easy to use and slides round your body if you need any gear from bag when worn. Go buy one now.....I did :biggrin:
  7. wbeem


    Feb 11, 2007
    Sanford, FL
    William Beem
    I believe you. You just went to look. We all do that. We look. Then we lust. We try to fight the lust, but we're no match. If there's a way to pull the money out of your pocket short of another mortgage, we buy. It's the nature of things.

    I also wondered about what bag to get so I could carry this lens and some other gear. I tried checking out backpacks, larger shoulder bags, and some other designated camera bags.

    In the end, I found that my best case was a Harley-Davidson sling bag designed to carry a full-face helmet. It's not like anyone is going to mistake it for a camera bag, either. I recently took it on a trip out to Las Vegas and it worked just fine. I also packed a smaller sling bag for outings when I only wanted to carry one or two pieces with me. All of the items internally were in their own lens pouches.
  8. Bill, I looked online for months, lusted in my heart for just as long. But seeing it in person, (and why did I bring my D2X to the store to see how if fit?). I tried to give the man reasons to send me packing, but he just kept coming back. I finally gave in. No gilt, no shame, just the thrill of the hunt. There are many other things I could be hooked on, this at least has benefits to all those around me.

    As to a bag, I am thinking I would like to have a backpack. I have carried, messenger bags, and larger shoulder bags, but they all get heavy after a while. I don't hike yet, but getting to sporting events, or airports would be better if I could distribute the weight.

    I will have to see some setup first. I will get the opportunity to meet more East Cost Cafe members the beginning of June, maybe I will see something I like then.
  9. jaleel


    Apr 3, 2007
    Toronto, Canada
    congrats on the purchase
    you won't be disappointed at all =)


    May 1, 2007
    So Cal
    Welcome!! And enjoy!!

  11. No, I am still looking for a bag. I have several smaller bags, but I want to carry the 70-200 and at least three others. I also carry a couple flashes, flash brackets, and monopod. I am still undecided about what to do with all the filters. I may just create a bag just for the filters. I am not familiar with the Slingshot, I will have to check it out.

    Bill...I have a feeling the Lowepro Slingshot will not be suitable for you if you're intending for it to hold up to 4 lens, a flash, etc. I will have to drop by Service Photo to see if they have Domke bags on display for me to look at.

    Oh sure, blame me for giving you "NAS"! A Simple solution, just hand me your plastic and I'll hold onto it for you! :biggrin: Heck, maybe I'll buy something! (Remember, I'm unemployed and always in need of better photographic equipment).

    I remember Cooper Camera but I always found their stores a bit on the small size and cramped to walk around when they had a shop in Owings Mills. (They're not in Owings Mills anymore), Haven't visited Cooper/Penn Camera ever since.

  12. Congrats, Bill, I know you'll enjoy the lens. :smile:
  13. You won't be sorry.

    ...Top notch hunk of glass. Congrats! You're gonna love it!

  14. I am sure I already had NAS, I just did not have a local outlet for it. As for my plastic, there's a good size dent in it for now. I think I am safe for the next month.

    I may stop by anyway, I have to check on a project in the area tomorrow afternoon, so I may spend some time looking over bags.

    Yes, Cooper's was too small to even change your mind in. It can't be more then 20'x20' with several racks, counters, and a dozen customers. They should rename it "The Camera Closet".
  15. Thanks Dave, I am hoping to try it out on the 2nd, and maybe borrow someones TC1.4EII and TC1.7EII to see how it performs before I go that route.

    Are you going to be at Jim's on June 2nd. Maybe I will see you then.
  16. Bill, I'd planned to be at Jim's BBQ, but my niece is getting married that day and I'd be in deep **** if skipped that. :frown:
  17. JennJenn

    JennJenn Guest

    Congrats Bill! haha! I say that all the time, I'm just going to look!
  18. Bill,

    Congrats and welcome to the club! It's an awesome lens and teamed up with the TC1.7E II is spectacular.

    I loved your lead-in story by the way. I find new ways of enticing my wife and it's much easier now that she has her own D70s, sharing lens, better product, etc. Never blame it on NAS! :biggrin:

  19. Jim, thanks for the comments. No luck on the camera angle with my wife. She is strickly a P&S kinda girl and even that gets complicated.

    I think I can do one better though. My 14 year old daughter is really getting deep into the hobby now, and has been accepted into a program for printing, graphics design, and photography. I can always throw out the line about how the next lens will be beneficial to her education.

    She does not like my D2X, it's too big for her, so she has her eye on a D200. She seems to have acquired my "NAS".
  20. Bill,

    That's way too good! I can't use my 16 year old daughter as she is a P&S also...but, I could use my 7 year old daughter as she loves photography. :eek: 

    Thanks for the good ways to cover my NAS...it's like a bad itch that never goes away! :wink:
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