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Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by ZBaum, May 14, 2007.

  1. ZBaum

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    After a few weeks of being indecisive, and after nearly buying an 85 1.8 and a 50 1.8, I just bought a 135 f/2 DC in EX condition from KEH for $616. I'm hoping that I'll get a copy that's sharpest at the neutral DC position, but I'll have to play with it when I get it. This will be the first true pro lens that I've owned, so I'm hoping that it'll be well worth the cost.
  2. ZBaum

    ZBaum Guest

    Will do :smile:. It's the non-D version of the lens, but I doubt that'll matter much, from what I've heard.
  3. Interesting. The 85/1.4, 105/2, and 135/2 all share the same DNA and exhibit similar image quality. The 135/2 is the least owned, just because of focal length. But if it fits your style, I'll bet you'll fall in love with its lush renderings of the OOF areas. Geno has been championing that lens for quite a while, and he knows of what he speaks!
  4. ZBaum

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    I wrestled between the 85 1.8 and the 180 2.8, and felt that the 180 would be too long, but that the 85 didn't offer enough of a focal length difference from my 28-70. The 135mm focal length seems like it'll be just what I need. Long enough to use for things like speeches, events, and some indoor sports (I'm looking forward to having something faster than an f/2.8 to use for hockey so hopefully the AF will be able to keep up reasonably well), but also short enough that I won't be backing against walls all the time. I really wanted a 105 DC, but I haven't seen one at a reasonable price in quite a while.

    Thanks for the feedback.
  5. Nuteshack

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    "share the same DNA" ...lol, so true Frank ...don't forget the 180 2.8, the "Dream Machine"...hey, maybe that'l take ..;-))
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