I do miss the Nikkor 105 f/2.5 AIS

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  1. Scanned these today, from a time when I did more portrait work. I gotta get one of these lenses again. Shot on film with F4S and 105/2.5.



  2. nice and sharp.
  3. Thanks Mark. Guess these shots don't foster much interest. Shoulda dressed them better. :biggrin:
  4. My all time favorite portrait lens. These are fine portraits Mike, shot with the F4s - no less! (boy, I loved that camera...)
    I am anxious to shoot FX with the 105mm (I have the 1.8 now). The perspective you show here is awesome.
  5. Hi Mike,

    I like these shots very much. It's one of my favorite lenses for portraiture.

    Love the B&W and composition.
  6. Nice! Last two pics have a 80's Indiana Jones look happening. She's cute no matter what she's wearing:biggrin:.


  7. Thanks guys. I really miss my home studio. I miss Germany, where the home studio was, more though. :smile:
  8. RichNY

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    I've got the 105 f/2.5. What time does Colleen leave for work? :)
  9. lol..around 8ish. :biggrin: