I feel so dumb

May 1, 2006
I attended the F1 Grand Prix here in Bahrain yesterday and shooting Raw + jpg, I filled up an Extreme III 2gb card with car shots and crowd scenes in particular since the design of the stands mean decent car shots are really hard.

Anyway, I had a spare and swapped and shot a couple of shots. We then went for a burger after the race and I think the full card fell out of my pocket as I was digging my wallet out.

I had packed light with just a D200 and The Creeper with a spare card and battery in my pocket and no bag.

The crime scene.
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Sep 25, 2005
St. Louis, MO USA
Well doesn't that suck!
Hopefully the burger was good:smile:

I watched the race live early AM our time, Hamilton certainly is impressive. I wouldn't be surprised to see him capture the DWC in his first year.

Oct 28, 2006
Wyoming, USA
Been there.... dropped an SD card in Jackson Lake (Grand Teton area) while fiddling about in a kayak.

And I'm quite certain it was filled with award-winning captures :wink:
Mar 18, 2007
Phoenix, AZ
I showed up at my daughter's trackmeet a few weeks ago with the card still at home in my computer!

Jan 26, 2005
Viera Fl
Ohhhhhh how awful
I know it would be to easy for me to do
So carry my cf card holder and MAKE myself use it.
When in a hurry, to easy to say, oh I will put it away in a minute.
Jan 6, 2007
St. Louis
I was managing 4 x 4GB cards at Sebring. I was just super-careful to always make sure I had track of my cards and that they were either in their case or the camera.

I think for my next race I'm going to get one of the ThinkTank card wallets that clip on to your belt.

Bahrain was a good race. Hamilton is really something special. One of the best seasons I can ever remember seems to be unfolding. Having a 3-way tie that includes a rookie should make for an exciting return of the circus in Europe. I can't wait for Barcelona.

Meanwhile, starting next week ALMS gets butchered for several months by CBS and NBC.
Mar 31, 2005
Toronto Canada
Bummer. Might be time for a photo vest. The little pockets for cards are velcro-closed. Nothing falls out - must be dug out.

Such a shame you lost the full card. I know the pain.
Jan 17, 2006
East TN
oh crap, oh crap.

I keep empty cards in 2 places. One, inside a sandisk zipped case, which is attached to my Mountain Smith Tour bag. I typically take this everywhere, even if not planned to carry, for snacks, that sort of thing.

I also carry a card file made by lowepro. But my daily shooter cards are 8 gig, so that typically, you just don't run out of space. So, I start the day with a card installed, I usually arrived home with same card installed. Expensive, but worth it.

I too have taken my cam and found I had no mem cards to an old rusty car I wanted to photograph. So, I went home, said I'd get it another day, the next day they hauled the old car off. :(

better luck/planning next time.
Oct 19, 2006
I use a card holder that holds about ten cards. At no time for any reason does a card land in a pocket etc. The card holder has my cell# and REWARD on it. It has reflector tape all over it so if I drop it in high grass or brambles I can find it fast at night. It also has a 3 foot peice of orange survey ribbon on it so I can find it fast in the daylight. All cards are pre cleared before they go back home at the end of each day. They are placed in the little pockets right side up and with their front side showing. As they are shot and returned they go in upside down and bassackwards. I am bound by nature to screw up at times. But if fore thought and pre planning can prevent this I am going to do it. The card holder then goes in the right side pocket of my small belt bag that holds my tc`s, NEVER any where else. I NEVER have to fumble around to put my hand on anything I want. My eye stays on the bird or whatever.
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I am always very careful with my memory cards. I use the Think Tank "Pocket Rocket" cases and they work just great! Starting out, I have each fresh card in the original little plastic container. After it's been shot, I put it into the TT case without the plastic container and with the back facing out so that I know that card is full of images. When I get home after I've uploaded to the computer I immediately reformat all cards and get them ready for the next trip.

However, even with a good fail-safe system things can still go awry. As I was preparing to go to Alabama I had my Think Tank cases all set with the CF cards for the D200 and the D2Xs. I had also decided to take along my D40 and D80, and had them packed in the case I normally use for carrying one of them around in at home. SD cards all ready to go, packed in the case, too.... At the last minute I decided to use a different, larger camera bag for them and quickly made the switch. Took off for Alabama... On Sunday afternoon as we were getting ready to go to the Safari Park I decided that I'd use one of those cameras. I had them both in the bag and pulled them out, as people were interested in seeing the D40. Oops -- no memory card in the D40. No problem, I said, reaching for the bag and groping in the pockets. Looked a little more intensely. Oops.... I then remembered. Uh-oh, the SD cards were still in the other camera bag back home!!! When making that big switch the day I was packing I totally overlooked the memory cards, as they were tucked into one of the small pockets in the bag's flap. Fortunately the D80 did have an SD card in it and that's what I used for the Safari Park. Lesson learned there!
Jan 24, 2006
Utica, NY, USA
Each camera is stored with a card <CF> of appropriate size. D2X and D70 for raw, another D70 and A70 for jpg. Not being a prolific shooter, I have yet to run out of space.

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