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I Feel Woozy - D700 Math

Discussion in 'Nikon FX DSLR Forum' started by Jeff Fillmore, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. I am so torn right now- just thinking out loud here.

    I bought a D300 within the first days of them being available and I love the camera. I never really saw me going for the expense of a D3 so I was not too worried about collecting DX glass. Now with the D700 coming out I am rethinking everything. I really want to have the full frame ISO performance- and that is 99% of the motivation here. Lots of things running thru my head on this- so I decided to put it on paper and see where I am at.

    My Right-Now Set-Up

    Main Kit
    D300 w/ Grip | 10.5/2.8 | 50/1.4 | 150/2.8 Macro | 11-16/2.8 | 17-55/2.8 | 70-200VR

    Travel Kit
    D80 w/ Grip | 30/1.4 | 18-70 | 70-300VR

    Film Kit
    F100 | 35-70/2.8 | 180/2.8

    My Kid Daughter's Kit
    D40 | 18-135

    Soon to be For Sale?

    D40 | 10.5/2.8 Fisheye | 30/1.4 Sigma | 11-16/2.8 Tokina | 18-70 | 17-55/2.8 - Should sell for $3000 +/-

    New Purchases?

    D700 | Sigma 12-24 or 15-30? - About $3600 +/-

    My Maybe Add-A-D700 Set-Up

    D700 | D300 | F100

    50/1.4 | 150/2.8 Macro | 180/2.8 | Sigma 12-24 | 35-70/2.8 | 70-200VR

    My Kid Daughter's Kit
    D80 | 18-135 | 70-300VR

    So the whole shift would leave me with more camera- less glass- wondering if it is all worth it or if I should just preserve my DX kit and buy some FX stuff next year when I could afford both. I just keep thinking would I ever use a D300 + Sigma 30/1.4 combo if I had a D700 + 50/1.4 available? Pretty much the same thing with all the wide DX stuff- I am only keeping the D300 for the long end.
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  2. My thinking is similar, keep D300 for long end with 70-200 soon will add TC1.4 and just maybe 300 f2.8VR if father xmas is good to me (& get bonus next march).

    For everything else D700 is the camera - with primes & zoom.

    Will keep D200 (resale is not as good) plus comes handy for work related photography.

    Note, daughter have D40 with kit lenses 18-55 & 55-200 (all non VR), if she ever gets serious into it all my kit is hers


    Digital bodies D300 & D200, Film bodies F80 & F4S
    Primes 16f2.8AFD, 50f1.4AFD, 85f1.4AFD, Zooms 18-35 AFD, 70-200f2.8 AFS VR, 18-200 AFS VR DX
    Other SB-800 & Canon 500D
    Legacy Pentax LX & K1000 with 17-28 Fisheye Zoom, 24f2.8, 35f2.8, 50f1.4, 85f2, 135f3.5 & 200f4

  3. ...and if ever Nikon comes up with 80-400 MK2 or better still 200-500 AFS VR (f5.6 will do)...
  4. Triggaaar


    Jun 15, 2008
    I hate to freak you out, but you are actually posting your thoughts on a world wide forum for everyone to see

    There'd be no need would there (unless you were using 2 bodies at a time, but lets ignore that). The D300 would be useful for the longer reach stuff. It would be a lovely combination.
  5. jeff,
    you DO realize that as soon as you make that "transition," Nikon will come out with something ELSE you'd rather have :rolleyes: 
  6. Nuteshack

    Nuteshack Guest

    sell the d80, d300 and stuff but keep the d40 and sig 30 1.4...the 700 is ALL THAT!
  7. Donzo98


    Nov 10, 2005
    Merrick, NY

    Here are my thoughts...

    I really wanted the high ISO performance of the FX system so I bought a D3. I love the body... love it!! I also wanted the DX reach.

    I bought a D2XS to go along with the D3. The reason I went with the XS is that the bodies share the same batteries and ergonomics. Just easy to go back and forth. I have had almost all the Nikon digital bodies to date as well as the Fuji S5 Pro.

    For me there is no question that the feel of the D2 and D3 bodies are in a class by themselves. Don't get me wrong... I think the D300 and D200 and soon to come D700 are well made... but not in the same league as the pro bodies.

    For me... I am finally happy with my body selection... at least for now. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

    One other thing... for all you guys that talk about the weight and size difference of the D700/300/200 vs the D3/D2XS I kind of disagree with that premise. Yes... the D3/D2XS are bigger... but the others are not exactly small. Once you throw a pro lens on any of these bodies you are not going to be able to stick in a shirt pocket. :biggrin: If you want small... get a pocketable P/S. You get used to the size VERY quickly. It is all relative. I like the bigger bodies.

    As for walk around lenses... that is a whole nother story. :biggrin: On the D3... I keep the 24-70 as a walk around, but it seems a bit short on the long end. I like to shoot the kids a bit tight and a 24-105 would do the trick. I also have the 70-200 for the times when I want the extra reach but it is a bit heavy to carry around all day.

    On the XS I keep the 18-200... I have a love hate relationship with that lens. Love the range... hate the build/ speed... and mildly dislike the IQ especially when compared to the 2.8 glass. I put the 24-70 on the XS the other day to give me a 36-105 2.8. WOW... not good for the 18-200. :eek:  I just can't seem to get totally rid of the 18-200 though. That range plus VR is so good to just grab and go.

  8. Exactly- but that is why I am keeping the D80 for her- that way any lens I have will work for her.

    Oh trust me- they already have come out with something else I want- but the 14-24 and the 24-70 will have to wait until feb/march of 2009- the wide Sigma and trusty old 35-70 will have to get me by for the FX Zooms until then.

    Nooooo will not be selling the D300- my love for her remains unchanged. But I may decide to hang on to the 30/1.4- that one I would really hate to say goodbye to.
  9. Dont get rid of the 30 1.4, you will regret it if you do. :smile:
  10. Okay, I'll be the contrarian. Don't be afraid to sell the 30/1.4. In anticipation of the getting a D3, I sold mine (a good sharp copy, to Nuteshack), along with a Tokina 12-24, the Beast and D2X (which I LOVED!). Then I added the D3, D300, 24-70 and haven't looked back. The flexibility the high ISO capabilities provides is great. For fast glass, I still have the 50/1.4 and 85/1.4. The 30 just seemed like the odd man out for the way I shoot. I also kept the 17-55 as a walkaround for the D300. It all depends on what/how you like to shoot.

    And every now and then I still "borrow" the D50 + 18-135 kit I gave my daughter.:wink:
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  11. dlabrosse


    Sep 22, 2007
    Vancouver, BC
    It is unlikely that I will be buying a D700 for a while but I think that a D700 with a 24-70 and a D300 with an 80-200 or 70-200 or even an 85mm prime would be the best of both worlds in almost any shooting situation that I regularly find myself in.
  12. Nuteshack

    Nuteshack Guest

    certainly nothing wrong with being flexible. a good shuffle to your kit can be inspiring. and "having all bases covered" can be a big trap. i'd be perfectly happy to be shooting a d700 and 50 1.4 and nothing more.

    many thanks again for selling me your sig...couldn't be happier:Love:
  13. Nikon just gave us another choice with the D700. That's great news for me but also confusing to many.

    I quote Michael Reichman," No one camera can be all things to all people. Not one brand, not one model within that brand."

    You really can't go wrong with any modern DSLRs.
  14. I can answer that . . . NOPE.

    **Especially** in low light!

    Once you experience the 1.5-2 stop advantage of the D3/D700, you will be forever changed in how you think.

    The good news is that if you want to sell your used DX glass, there are still millions of people who are in the market for those lenses and you should be able to recoup most of your DX investment.

    As for "the long end" get FF lenses and pick up a 1.4 TC.
  15. scooptdoo

    scooptdoo Guest

    if you can get 3000 bucks for all your get rid of stuff,i say go for it.but as stated earlier it'll some other must have next year.personally i have a finite amout of money i can spend on my photo hobby and still enjoy my other expensive hobbys.its all were your prioritys are.1 camera body at a time has always served me well for most of my photograghy life.
  16. OK, let's tackle this end of the issue. I currently shoot a D300, mostly with a 400mm f2.8 AFS-1 coupled to a 1.7 TC, 400*1.7=680*1.5(DX)=1020 equivalent.

    So, at the very least with a FF, to get close, I'd need to sell the 400 f2.8, get a 500mm and use it with a 2x TC, yielding 1000mm, close enough. But wait, that is also at f8 vs. the f4.8 I currently have, AF becomes quite difficult. Or, I could sell my 400, maybe for $3800 about what I bought it for, and buy a 600mm. Ignore the added $4000 or so, if I could find a good used one, for a moment. Then I have 600mm, a 1.4TC gives me 840mm at f5.6, a 1.7 gives me 1020mm, but at f7 or so, vs the f4.8. Again, AF becomes more problematic. Part of the aperture issue can be overcome by the use of higher ISO, but when you get past 3200 with any of the bodies, you have to be somewhat careful. What you lose here is the bokeh of some of the longer telephotos at the wider apertures also.

    My other option is a Sigma 300-800 or 800mm, again I lose nice f2.8 of the 400 plus the flexibility to use the 400 "bare".

    Point being, that may work for the "shorter" end of the "long end", but it isn't so cut and dried when you get to the "long end".

    I often see this argument made, but there are serious costs in money, flexibility, aperture and weight going this route for many of us.
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