I get it from my Mom

In case anyone is wondering where I get it from...

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Got a big chuckle out of this one Eric. Thanks.
Glad i can make ya smile Gordon
Precious shot
Thnxs Gale
Sure made me laugh! Gotta love Grandparents.

sure do Sarah

Thnxs Josh
What a shot Eric!! Too funny!! You should frame that one and hang it in the kitchen. Gotta love a great snapshot!
Thnxs Stuart.. I might just do that..
Perfect... I love shots like these that 'capture that moment in time' from everyday life that only happens once in a lifetime.

I agree with Stuart, that would be a great shot for the kitchen!
Awesome Eric! I love these type of shots. My 2yr old was eating strawberries yesterday - I missed getting the darn shots though.
Eric............ I love pasta........... my favourite food.......... and obvioulsy Sam's too! :eek: :eek: :eek:

Classic! :cool: