I got that feeling tonight

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by phecksel, May 16, 2007.

  1. Volunteered to run Lyn to school for the choir concert tonight, and just decided to stay. Figured I would get an easy 45 minutes of uninterrupted computer time...... Well, I walked in and they are struggling first with a laptop, apparently were going to show a video of pictures I created a few weeks ago for the choir teacher, and secondly getting their laptop hooked up to the projector. It was the blind leading the technically incompetent. Plus I'm looking at a huge roped off area center stage for the first 12 rows....just for me, LOL. Only problem, I only brought the 28-200 and SB-800. Called my wife and asked her to bring my laptop power cord, and camera bag. Never did figure out what the problem with their computer was, but got mine hooked to the projector and showing the video.

    28-200 went into the bag, 18-70 put on the camera...unfortunately the 85 was sitting on my desk...not in the bag. Also a good thing I had her bring the bag, because the batteries in the flash were a little further depleted then I figured. But, found that out, just as Lyn started her solo...DOH Never saw someone change flash batteries so fast, LOL.

    Choir teacher couldn't stop thanking me for everything.

    She'll probably be happy with these
  2. I think the majority of people would be happy with those.

    I hate when things get hectic like that. So many times, I end up getting called to conferences when something goes wrong, just like what you had. But no camera though I do stay for the food :biggrin:
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