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I guess I'll be shootin' film today! NEW IMAGE

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gbenic, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. Here is a shot of my dirty sensor. It is much cleaner than it was 30 minutes ago. Apparently, I need a wet cleaner. Time to find a camera store with something in stock.

    That means that today's outing will be done with film. I really don't want to try to clone all those bunnies out of there.


    And after a cleaning:

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  2. :eek: 

    Wow Greg, best of luck with your film outing today, hopefully you can get that sensor back to tip-top shape as soon as possible.

    The wet cleaning products work quite well, I managed to clean what I thought would be an impossible job with minimal effort.

    Side note: Do not loan a camera to somebody who will leave it in a smoke filled environment for several months without the body cap on... :mad:  That was a messy cleanup.
  3. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
  4. Geeze Greg, didja drop it in a sandpit?

    GL with the cleanup.
  5. I just used the PecPads as per Stephen's recommendation. Wow, that was easy! No, it's not perfect, but compared to what it used to look like, wow!

    I tried to buy cleaning stuff at my local camera shop. I was told that it was such a delicate procedure that us mere mortals should not attempt it. Yeah, right. I know things can happen. they can happen to them too.

    Needless to say, I am very happy with the outcome.
  6. Well, it's about time for me to do a sensor cleaning myself. I probably have about 15 decent sized spots on my sensor. I have invested a ton of money in my equipment, I'd like to keep it in good shape and not have to worry about the "dust off" feature in Capture NX (I change lenses quite a bit). I'm not worried about doing this myself at all. From everything I have read on this website and others, it appears that a wet cleaning method is going to be the proper way to do this.

    Greg, did you use the stuff from photographic solutions? I'll buy the $50 pack of sensor swabs if this is the best way to go. I'd rather buy it the exact size than have to worry about cutting things up to fit my sensor, I have a D200. Everyone says this is very easy to do, and in the end this will be much cheaper than sending it off to Nikon only to have it come back with dust on it.

    Thanks for any input.
  7. Thanks Greg, I appreciate it. Is it really that easy? I just took a bulb to my sensor and got most stuff off, but I have about 2 spots left that show up at F22. Hardly even visible at F8. Still, I want to take care of it.

    And on that note, can this system also be used to clean the focus screen? I have a lot of crud on my focus screen, some blows off some doesn't. It's definitely annoying to see that in the viewfinder.
  8. It was very easy. I ended up using a few swabs to get it as you see it. I don't have an answer for the focus screen issue.
  9. ffb2t


    Jan 16, 2006
    You can use a microfibre cloth on the focusing screen (if you have a removable screen (I know some cameras do not)) - I wouldn't use a wet treatment on it.
  10. I don't know if the D200 is removable, but I do have a microfibre cloth that I will try and use. Thanks. Ordering a cleaning kit now.
  11. I'm not meaning to come across as a smart aleck Greg but with a little care your sensor should never look like that. When changing lenses get ready ahead of time and have the new lens waiting. Take off your old lens with the camera pointing down towards the ground. Replace with the new lens quickly. Also, use a Giotta's rocket every so often to blow out the sensor area, again with the camera pointing down. Lastly use a damp cloth to wipe off your camera after a shoot to lesson the dust on it before you put it away. I can go 6 months and not have more than a speck or two.
  12. Gordon, no offense taken. I purchased the camera in 2004. I have over 25K shutter activations. For the first couple years, I used zooms exclusively. It has never been cleaned. I blew it out every now and then, but never cleaned it. Now that I own the cleaning supplies, I doubt it will ever look like that again.
  13. Well, got mine cleaned. One almost un-noticeable tiny spot on a corner, I'm good to go. I wasn't that bad to start with, but I did have spots. It's not very hard to do, but you have to have that thing flat on the CCD for a good cleaning. Took me probably a few too many tries, but when I knew right where the last of the dust was, I got it with one swipe. I'll get better and I'm happy knowing that I don't have to send it off anymore!
  14. Walter


    Jan 13, 2006
    Columbia, Maryland
    Walter Rowe
    I have used the Pec swabs wet to clean the focusing screen on my D200. I have used them to clean the mirror. I have used them to clean the rear eyepiece. It does no damage to them.
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