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I have not posted for a while...

Discussion in 'Birds' started by hillrg, May 7, 2005.

  1. but, I have been taking the odd photo. Here is a selection from the last 4 days - all taken in my backyard after I get home from work. The hummers are are the feeder and the sun is shining - life is good.

    D2X, 500/4 1.4x 1/500s f/8 fill flash Finch
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    500/4 1.4x 1/500s f/6.3 House sparrow
    View attachment 8313

    500/4 1.4x 1/250s f/8 fill flash Hummer
    View attachment 8314

    500/4 1.4x 1/320s f/8 Hummer
    View attachment 8315

    500/4 1.4x 1/250s f/7.1 ISO 400 Hummer
    View attachment 8316

    300/4 1.4x 1/160s f/11 Crossbill
    View attachment 8317

    Hope you enjoy. If you are interested, there are more at http://www.pbase.com/roryhill/recent_photos

  2. Hi Rory........

    noticed you had gone in hiding. LOL...............great pics, luv the hummingbirds, especially the second last! awesome...........going down by Cranbrook in a week and a half to give those hummingbirds a go, no pressure after seeing these! beautifully done. Hope you stick around a while this go round! All the best

  3. nice captures, esp the last two.
  4. Rory, these are very nice! There's something especially nice about #2. It's shots like this that keep me wanting a Nikon--look at those pine needles!! :shock: When the photog does his job correctly, the picture quality just can't be beat. You've done just that.
  5. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Rory ,
    They are all absolutely beautiful.

    don't know hou you guys do it. Wow.

    That glass is great for sure. You sure know how to use it well
  6. jkamphof

    jkamphof Guest

    Wow I love #5, great close-up on a tiny bird. Cropped?

    I'm heading home to the island in July and I can't wait to get back into nature...these make me jealous. I really miss shotting the birds.....all I got are magpies and mosquito's here.... :( 

    Keep 'em coming!

  7. Re: Hi Rory........

    Luck with the hummers Keith. Cranbrook is very nice this time of year.
  8. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Uh, Rory, we've missed you, but you more than made up for your absence with these. Wow!! These are about as good as it gets. :wink:

  9. Rory,

    Beautiful Images!!! What can I say? - I'm always left speechless when I see your work. I have viewed your gallery in the past when you posted on dpreview and have always admired your posts. How are you finding the D2X as compared to the 2H? On these reduced images the detail is still incredible and I can only imagine what a large size print would look like. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Hi Rory,
    Every one of the pics. are fantastic. Wow Wow Wow, Please keep them coming and the use of a 500mm is something I hope to someday have.
  11. saluki13


    Mar 27, 2005
    MA, USA
    Really beautiful birds! Nice shots!
  12. To be honest, I do not think you would see the difference between the D2h and D2x for these photos - on the web. The detail is amazing when you blow them up.

    The noise and metering are better on the D2x. My only complaint is that I think my unit is front focusing just a titch. When it is convenient I am going to send it to nikon for them to check.
  13. Steve S

    Steve S

    Feb 1, 2005
    SE Florida
    Awesome Rory!

    All excellent, but that last Orange Hummer is killer! Well, so is the very last shot too, but I didn't want to give you a swell head ;)  Don't be such a stranger!
  14. Nice yard birds Rory, I really like the Hummingbirds, what type of Hummer is the male with the purple gorget, we only get the Rufous up the road here at Black Creek.

  15. MontyDog


    Jan 30, 2005
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  16. Hi Martin

    I think it is an Anna's Hummingbird - it is the first one I have seen - it was chased away by a Rufous.
  17. Hey there stranger, I always look forward to your posts these are just excellent the hummers are fantastic just put my feeder out today hope to have some hummers real soon
  18. Well, I am looking forward to seeing what damage you can do! It is hard to ever get tired of seeing hummers for sure.
  19. Fantastic, amazing pictures. What lens?
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