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I hope Nikon repair is fast and reasonable....

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Terri French, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. I had to send in my D200 for repair today. I thought about purchasing a D300 before sending it in, but my frugality won over.

    I sure hope it comes back before my daughter has her baby. It's due on Sept 10.:biggrin::eek: 

    It just isn't autofocusing right. Sometimes it will focus perfectly. Other times it just hunts. Sometimes it goes all the way out and then sticks there with everything in total blur. It started doing it last Sunday. I have tried everything I could think of to test it out and decided that it definitely needed a trip to the shop.:mad: :mad: :mad: 

    It's headed to California and should be there on Friday.....
  2. cleoent


    Dec 21, 2007
    San Jose, Ca
    Dont hold your breathe!

    My lens has been there almost two weeks, spoke to them today, they think i have on more week of waiting to go. Ugh.

    I hope the guy on the phone didn't know what he's talking about :(  I would think 2 weeks is plenty of time to take apart a lens and replace whatever is not working right. I think that can't take more than 2 hrs.
  3. Terri,
    If they know you like we do it will be back in your hands in no time. If not simply ask and one of us will send a body to hold you over. Since I shoot Canon I would also send the neccesary lenses.
  4. cleoent


    Dec 21, 2007
    San Jose, Ca
    Oh, btw, supposedly it helps if you include a letter stating when you the item returned by. From what i've read they'll really try to do their best to have it back by then. I wish i would have known that b4 i sent in my lens!

    Right now i have a time table of it MUST be back by sept 15th (my son;s 2nd bday).
  5. Hope it gets back soon. I did send a letter telling them about the rush because my daughter is having a baby any time. Hope it helps. I wish it was a lens I was waiting for instead of the camera body.
  6. You are so kind, Dave. When did you switch to Canon? I gave my daughter, who lives about 10 minutes away from me, my D70. If I need a camera, I have access to that one. So, I'm not too worried. Thanks so much.
  7. as dave said....
    i'd send my D200 to you as well....
    no problem

    just pm me, if you like
  8. dave...
    i hadn't realized you were shooting canon now, as well
    how do you like it?
  9. iLLMaCK

    iLLMaCK Guest

    they go by first in line right?
  10. iLLMaCK

    iLLMaCK Guest

    I could send my D50 if you needed one in a pinch.
  11. Terri -

    I suspect (and hope) that you'll be OK.

    Last December I sent my D200 back for a focussing issue. Foolishly, I originally suspected my Sigma 30 f/1.4 - and that came back, with undeniably convincing proof from Sigma at Ronkonkoma that it was fine.

    My D200 arrived back within 16 days from my shipping date even despite a "hold for parts". El Segundo had calibrated its focus, replaced the focussing screen, done a general cleaning including the sensor and contacts, and replaced the grips (even though those were not worn or separating). They'd also carefully packed everything, and returned all the documents that I'd included.

    Good luck to you and your daughter,


  12. nipprdog


    Jun 8, 2006
    Another reason why this forum, and Greg, are so cool. :wink:

  13. Amen to that!:smile:
  14. Cope


    Apr 5, 2007
    Houston, Texas

    I have sent my D200 in twice for warranty work, and both times it was turned aorund within 2 weeks. Lenses do seem to take longer for some reason.
  15. LindaZ


    Jul 29, 2007
    Wilmington, NC
    Sorry to hear about your camera Terri!
  16. I am so overwhelmed with the kindness shown here. I've already received many PM's and other offers from folks willing to send me their cameras.

    Actually, I think it will be good for me to be without a camera for a few days. I have some deep cleaning that needs to be done. Maybe I will get to it without so many photos to Post Process.

    Thanks all. You are amazing.
  17. Was yours under warranty? If not, was it expensive? I was told that they would send it back in great condition with everything checked over. Sounds like they did that to yours.
  18. Greg--if the baby comes early, I'll let you know. Under that circumstance I just might take you up on it. Other than that, I'm fine!!
  19. senna


    Jan 6, 2007
    San Jose Ca.
    Terri, mine took 14 days door to door, but I am only one day away for shipping.
  20. no problem at all.... i promise
    it would be my honor to have that beautiful new baby... captured with my D200
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