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  1. I really loved this image when I took it. I loved it even more when I processed it. I printed it at 13x19 for my wife for her office at work because she really liked it. When I did that, I noticed something. When I adjusted the curves to get the haziness just the way I wanted it, I apparently obliterated any detail in the cliffs. They were just amorphous gray blobs on the image. I suppose it's something that only the photographer would notice, but once I spotted it, it really bothered me. I finally got around to fixing it this weekend and am so much happier. Here's the original with the "gray blob" cliffs:


    and here is the corrected version:


    What do you think about the fix, and more importantly, about the image itself?


  2. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Are you sure you did not post the same image twic. I can't tell a difference.

    But thennnnnn maybe my monitor. maybe just the net

    Wonderful photo though
  3. check out the cliffs right above the water...

    ... especially in the middle of the image. In the top image, they are just sort of gray slabs, in the bottom image they actually have some texture to them, other than that, they are identical. I suppose I am being a bit of a perfectionist. I'm glad you like it though.


  4. I see that from the top of the tree down, it is a little bit darker, it's visible in the cliff above the water.
  5. detail in the cliffs

    Basicly, I brought detail back to the cliffs. In the top image, they are just gray areas below the trees and above the water. I took my final image with the gray areas, and pasted it over an unaltered version of the image, then I used an adjustment layer to only bring in the detail in the cliffs by selecting only the gray areas. I think it worked out nicely and was so happy I had to share it. Everyday I learn more about PS.

  6. LOL

    Dave, you crack me up. I just noticed the difference and you're absolutely right, only a photgrapher would see the missing detail. I hope you didn't trash the print you made for Jen and print another ... did you? Either way, the photo is outstanding. How many photos did you take on cruise? Oh, and did you use the technique from luminous-landscape.com?
  7. ov3r 300

    I ended up shooting something like 400 shots during the honeymoon. No I didn't make her take it down. It really is something only I would notice.

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