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I knew I was bad, but......

Discussion in 'Birds' started by cajun angel, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. Okay, I left the house in a mad huff and went to Marshall Creek today. I saw and had lots of ops for really pretty photos, but then there was a motor boat that scared off the snowy, GBH, and I think the other was a great white. Then there were the kids - one thing after another! Then I saw this bird and thought "my day can't get any worse than it is!" Kinda reminded me of a scene from "The Jungle Book" well, to put it all in a nutshell - in my mind, I didn't bring home any keepers, so this photo is sort of a "symbol" of today's photography - hope ya'll can laugh.

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  2. Another day and a new adventure every day. Many worse things than bringing home a empty camera.
  3. I am!!!! Great shot and mood.
  4. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    They are everywhere I go. Now thats spooky:>)))

    Super pic
  5. Thanks Gary! I kinda wish I had gone alone, but when Mariam and Josh grabbed camera bags, I figured I better let them come too. Actually, it was a nice outting as we took our time, didn't forget the binoculars and despite boat, potty breaks, and so forth, it wasn't a complete loss! It got us out of he house for a bit!

    LOL, Thanks! I actually darkened it a bit. I just couldn't seem to get anything right today except no blown highlights. I think I may have a couple of butterfly shots but haven't finished looking at them yet.
  6. Thanks Gale! We saw about 4 of them circling around and then 1 landed in the dead tree. It was a perfect capture for the way I felt about an afternoon of shooting "attempts" I was really surprised there weren't more birds around too! Thanks for dropping in!
  7. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Always great that you can take a pic of how you feel or how a day went:>)))

    Next time will be ok
  8. LOL, I hope so! The really good places to go around here are few and FAR in between. My favorite place, Hagerman Wildlife Refuge is badly flooded and getting to the birds is hard without a boat, webbed feet, or wings. And dunno why, but today was hard on getting sharp images! Even my roadrunner is a big blur! Yep, there's always next time and always a great photo lurking around the corner somewhere.
  9. Question Dianne

    I just wanted to ask.... When you go to places like this - how do you keep safe? I find that I'm wanting to go places & I suddenly realize I have over $ 4000.00 worth of equipment & here I am - all by myself. It worries me.

    How do you handle this?

  10. If you feel uncomfortable carry protection. . . also spend some time at a Range so you will hit what you aim at if becomes necessary.
  11. Hummmmmm

    Well, I live within Los Angeles city limits - ranges are not all that common around here. The Santa Monica Mountains provide shot opportunities, but I will be at the mercy of the "elements".

    What do you consider "protection" - - pepper spray? I won't carry a gun. The dogs would scare potential photo ops away......

  12. tech1961


    Jan 28, 2007
    Houston Tx.
    A nice 9mm always does the trick.
  13. Dianne, your photo captures a mood very nicely!! I'm sorry you were in such a mood, though.... Birdie looks ominous sitting in that dead tree and you did a neat job in conveying the mood!

    Lil, well, as far as feeling safe.....when I go out shooting with my expensive gear I try to keep alert to everything and everyone around me. I don't go to areas which might be questionable and I keep track of my stuff (ie, I don't go running off with the camera hand-held while leaving the tripod and my bag behind somewhere). Before setting out I try to assess exactly which equipment I will potentially need and take only that. If I'm going somewhere on public transportation I try to use a bag that does not look like a camera bag. I use neoprene Op-Tech straps on my cameras instead of the Nikon ones, because the neoprene ones are more comfortable and because they don't scream out the brand name and model of the camera I'm using. I really cringe when I see people walking around with a camera around their neck and a strap which loudly advertises that it is a Nikon D200 or whatever.....

    Another thing I have done is to make sure that I have adequate insurance on my gear. The importance of this cannot be emphasized enough. Check your homeowner's or renter's policy and make sure that in the event of loss or damage to your camera or a lens that you're adequately covered. Traveler's has a separate blanket policy covering camera gear. The way I look at this, if I'm in a situation where someone is threatening me and wants to grab my camera/lens, well....let them take it without a fight, I can replace those things more easily than I could recover from a serious injury or even death due to assault. Insurance. Make sure you're covered.
  14. Hey Thanks Connie! Thanks too for the way you answered the question. I really didn't know what to say and you said it perfectly! As for my mood, once I got out of the house and out in the country, I was fine! BUT since I didn't get any real keepers, I thought the silhouette would be a fun way to talk about my day. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for answering that question.

  15. PJohnP


    Feb 5, 2005
    Dianne :

    Actually, shooting silhouettes is a very tricky thing to do successfully. I shot an entire series the other night at sunset in Odessa trying to get just the right angle with respect to the setting sun, no flaring, neat colour, etc.

    One thing that I'll recommend trying with this is to adjust the WB either more to shade (something like maybe 9000K) or to sunlight. Shade will add red to the image, where sunlight will pull it towards blue. A bit of colour enhancement is sometimes in order as well to make up for the harder shadows. I usually play with this a bit to try and make the image come closer to what my eyes perceived at the moment.

    But this is an entire new area for you, and I think you captured a rather fun (and ominous) image.

    John P.
  16. You're welcome, Dianne! Thing is, Lil brought up a serious point for those of us who are women going out to shoot alone....and especially for those of us who live in urban areas, safety is a serious consideration. Heck, it's a world where one can't just venture out and use expensive gear without incurring some risk, especially if alone.

    Regrettably I became more aware of this last week when the driver's side window of my car was smashed so that some greedy stupid perp could grab my portable GPS navigation system. I was parked in a hotel parking lot in the Plymouth Meeting PA area (suburb of Philadelphia). Thankfully all of my luggage was in the hotel room, I'd already taken the bag with my clothes, the camera bag and the laptop bag up to the room. Unfortunately, because I was tired and because I had my mind on other things I forgot to disconnect the GPS system from the window mount, therefore leaving it visible and a target for thieves. I am just thankful that all they were interested in was that and that they didn't ransack my entire car and trash it or even steal the whole vehicle. A GPS/navigation system unit can be replaced. If they'd trashed the car and stolen he tripods that were in the trunk, those could have been replaced. Had they stolen the entire car, it, too, could have been replaced. My health and my life? Not so easily....
  17. Hiya John. Thanks for the info! I'm gonna be sure I copy and paste it in my notes, but I wasn't trying to do a silhouette in the beginning, it was just a photo to symbolize a bad day of mishaps at shooting. It was fun watching the 4 vultures fly and I wasn't expecting one to land in a tree like this one did. I could have gotten closer but was afraid of getting stuck in the mud.
  18. Gee COnnie, I'm sorry to hear about your car being broken into. I hardly ever go to places where there's a lot of people. Usually places like Hagerman, Marshall Creek, and a few other places don't have a lot of people in the same area at once. A nice thing about today, the Park Ranger checked up on me and the kids more than once making sure we were okay and safe. It's sad that we all have to literally look behind us so often when we're out and about.

  19. Dianne,

    I really enjoy your photos regardless of your mood. This photo really sums up your day and I think you did a great job. I'm glad that you were able to spend time with your children enjoying your hobby. Today (after midnight here) is another opportunity to capture that once in a lifetime shot!! :biggrin:
  20. Dianne, Connie,

    It is so true about our safety and equipment. I decided to spend more time on my deck in my 'mini botanical garden' rather than at my usual haunts. My husband and son usually accompany me and act as my sherpa and little body guard. I am so glad that both of your are safe! It's best not to take unnecessary risks, no matter how much we want that unique photograph.

    Dianne, we're looking forward to seeing you on the East Coast some day for one of our 'Nikon Girls' outings!! :cool: :biggrin:
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